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Popcorn Moment Twofer: Feminists Linda Sarsour And Rachel Maddow

Women’s March Organizer Is Full Of Hate, And Rachel Maddow Embarrasses Herself Over Trump Tax Returns.

In a Popcorn Moment twofer, WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz continued to expose women’s march organizer Linda Sarsour as an anti-Semitic hatemonger.  Sarsour’s latest outburst included rhetoric that dismissed Israeli women from being feminists.  Tony responded:

My question to the progressive women – because this is a cultural conversation – [is it okay that] Linda Sarsour is now telling you, ladies, what it is you believe and what makes feminism?  She’s claiming a mantle.  And [then there’s] the cheering and the applause.

The second half of the Popcorn Moment featured MSNBC host Rachel Maddow crashing and burning by revealing an old Trump tax return that was already available to the public.  The tax return didn’t include shady deals or anything about Russia, but it did prove Trump is a lawful taxpaying citizen.

Tony chastised the left for its desperation in attacking Trump:

Even Rosie O’Donnell was like ‘really, this is what you’re giving us?’  The desperation to go after Trump is just beyond your understanding – beyond anyone’s understanding.  These people are unserious, and Rachel Maddow made herself look like a fool yesterday.  I mean, I don’t mind that.  I look at it more as validation. 

Tony's commentary is posted:

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