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#PopcornMoment: Even Democrats Don't Know Who Leads the Democratic Party

Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison' Epic Fail During MSNBC Appearance

Nearly a full year after Hillary Clinton's humiliating loss to Donald Trump, Democrats remain every bit as frustrated and angry as they were on election night. The outrageous and unproven claims of Russian collusion, racism, xenophobia, and corruption continue as the left feverishly attempts to no avail to destory the Presidency of the man they've so eloquently dubbed "The Fascist Cheeto."

But while Dems find it easy to offer up insults and endless nicknames for our Commander in Chief, they're far less able to name a single member of their party who could be considered a 'leader' and a viable challenger to President Trump in the next election.

WIBC host Tony Katz examined this glaringly obvious problem within the Democratic party while discussing Democratic Representative Keith Ellison's recent appearance on MSNBC in which Ellison was directly confronted with this very issue.

Click below to hear the audio of Rep. Ellison's epic fail and Tony's comments:

(Mandel Ngan/Getty Images) President Donald Trump held a MAGA event in Las Vegas Thursday night, and when it came...
The President has so much to say. He has things to say about the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, things to say...