Rep. Pramila Jayapal: 'You Can't Say You're a Democrat' if You're 'Against Abortion'


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Rep. Pramila Jayapal: 'You Can't Say You're a Democrat' if You're 'Against Abortion'

Katz: For The Left, Being Pro-Abortion is Everything

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Democrats appear to have an ever evolving list of requirements to count yourself as a legitimate member of the progressive party, and pro-lifers need not apply.

Last week, Democrat Representative Pramila Jayapal boldly proclaimed before a crowd of loyal adherents to the progressive doctrine that supporting abortion rights should be a requirement to be a member of their party.

"Personally, I do think there should be a core set of Democratic ideals that we all agree to," Jayapal said. "That you can't say you're a Democrat if you're against immigrants, if you're against abortion, if you're against gay marriage, LGBTQ rights."

Jayapal's remarks were apparently aimed Democrat Rep. Daniel Lipinskian, an incumbent lawmaker who is pro-life and won a close battle for reelection against a progressive, pro-abortion rights challenger endorsed by EMILY's List and other groups last year.

Jayapal's comments were echoed by fellow Progressive Caucus member Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna, who tweeted Friday that the DCCC's support for Lipinksi was "demeaning to women across this nation."

"At a time when Roe v Wade is under threat with the Alabama law, the last person the DCCC should be supporting is Lipinski who does not believe in constitutional reproductive rights," Khanna tweeted.

WIBC host Tony Katz discussed Rep. Jayapal's remarks in Monday's edition of the Popcorn Moment.

"This is part of the litmus test. Being pro-abortion is everything. They would have a lot more positive effect if they weren't so cheerful about it. If they just weren't always in the camp of, 'Oh this is great!' If they didn't have people have singing songs about it; if they weren't calling it 'good' and 'just'; if they weren't engaging a conversation about abortion and then, in the same breath, having a conversation about morality. If they weren't doing that, they'd have a lot easier time engaging America, but they don't. They seem to enjoy abortion just a bit too much."

Click the link below to hear more from Tony, including a personal anecdote about his encounter with Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett at a fundraiser last weekend.


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