Senator Ted Cruz Verbally Attacked at LAX: "Free The Children!"


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Senator Ted Cruz Verbally Attacked at LAX: "Free The Children!"

"Americans will not be silent!"



During a trip through Los Angeles International Airport last weekend, Senator Ted Cruz was accosted, yelled at, and ultimately deprived of his opportunity to be molested by TSA agents in peace and quiet, after political activists began yelling at him over immigration enforcement and conditions at migrant detention centers along the southern border.

A number of people, many of whom are more than likely taking a long-term break from full-time employment for the season, began yelling at Cruz, eventually joining in a "Free the children!" chant.

Cruz respectfully stood his ground as he listened to the protesters voice their many grievances.

One person shouts, "Americans will not be silent!"

Here's the Exchange Between Sen. Ted Cruz and LAX Protesters:

WIBC host Tony Katz played the audio and offered commentary on the incident Tuesday morning:

"There are two things that are incredible. You see this woman, and she is nose-to-nose with the Senator. What a country that you can do this and not be thrown into jail. 

By the way, if this had happened to Ocasio-Cortez, the protester would have been referred to as 'a racist,' just so we're clear.

Second, why are you yelling at Senator Ted Cruz while he waits for a plane? That's not engaging in conversation - even if it's a loud conversation. That's you juicing things up to a potentially violent situation."

Click below to hear more from Tony.

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