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Trump Sounds Like a Progressive & It's Intentional

Popcorn Moment: President Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Las Vegas

(Mandel Ngan/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump held a MAGA event in Las Vegas Thursday night, and when it came to the topics of welfare and healthcare, the Commander-in-Chief sounded suspiciously like - okay - EXACTLY like a progressive.

The President was emphatic in his calls to protect social safety nets, cover patients with pre-existing conditions under new healthcare legislation, and preserving Medicare. 

Are these just usual "off the cuff" remarks we've come to expect from President Trump when he's operating in full campaign mode, or are his comments intentionally progressive-sounding by design?

WIBC host Tony Katz discussed the issue in today's Popcorn Moment:

"Part of Trump's concept is to hijack their terminology for his purpose, and he has been very good at it because he doesn't come from a place of ideological core. 

It is imperative when we listen to the President speak that we say 'Hey that's great, how?'

Saying everyone should have healthcare is great. Having to wait four months for a doctor is not."

Click the link below to hear more from Tony:

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