A photo of IMPD Chief Randal Taylor in a virtual interview with WISH TV

Protestors Descend Upon IMPD Chief Randal Taylor’s Neighborhood

Residents in IMPD Chief Randal Taylor’s neighborhood were awakened early Sunday morning by activists participating in a “Wake Up For Black Lives” protest.

Nearly 50 vehicles gathered at the corner of East 62nd Street and Michigan Road just before 5:30 a.m. with horns honking and people chanting “No Justice, No Peace.” The procession of cars proceeded north on Georgetown Road before making its way to a development near West 86th Street and I-465 where Chief Taylor lives.

Sunday’s protest was organized by the group Indy 10 Black Lives matter.

WIBC host Tony Katz offered commentary on the protest Monday morning.


“So other people are there in their homes and these protestors are coming by honking their horns because they just wanted to make sure they got [Chief Taylor’s] attention.

“That’s not a protest – just so we’re clear. You don’t have any more message that you can get across to anybody. Now the perception is just, ‘Who do these scumbags think they are?’ Right? I’m just letting you know from a marketing perspective how you are viewed. 

“Meanwhile, dozens of people took place in a ‘White Silence is Violence’ march, hosted by the Indiana Racial Injustice Alliance. The problem here is that you’re not allowed to say nothing, you have to say something. But what you say might be wrong, so that brings us to a discussion of ‘What DO you say?’

“The ‘Silence is Violence’ concept is a meant to demonize you for not saying what other people want you to say. No, the compelling of speech is clinically insane.

“Overplaying your hand is what’s happening. This was supposed to be about justice for George Floyd. Now it’s about Lord only knows what else. You have to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ or you’re a racist? Don’t ask me to cheer an organization that practices Marxism; I won’t do it.”

Click below to hear Tony’s full commentary.


Photo: WISH-TV


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