The Surprising Winners and Losers from Tuesday's Democratic Debate


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The Surprising Winners and Losers from Tuesday's Democratic Debate

Katz: Biden is Done, Buttigieg Clear Winner

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The fourth Democratic debate is now safely in the rearview mirror, and WIBC host Tony Katz is ready with his picks for the winners and losers of the 12 candidates who battled it out in Ohio Tuesday night.


Tom Steyer - American billionaire, hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist, liberal activist, and fundraiser.

Katz: "It was Steyer's first debate, his first time taking the stage, and he made no splash. And, it was clear that he was either uncomfortable or trained to look directly at the camera."

Beto O'Rourke - Former Congressman for the state of Texas.

Katz: "He lost a huge back and forth with Mayor Pete Buttigieg on gun confiscation. He showed himself as an authoritarian."

Corey Booker - Senator from New Jersey and vegan.

Katz: "Rather than discuss policy, Corey Booker used the moment to raise questions about Donald Trump's eating habits."

Joe Biden - Former Vice President and apparent "drum beater"

Katz: "I'm sorry, but Joe Biden had a terrible night. He had moments of pushback and back and forth on healthcare, but even with good sound bytes, it wasn't enough. Joe Biden is done."


Elizabeth Warren - Massachusetts Senator who is favored to secure the Democratic party's nomination.

Katz: "Elizabeth Warren turns out to be pretty unflappable. Warren has bad policies and bad ideas, but she took every punch and just kept talking. She is going to tell you 'Tax the rich, eat the rich, kill this one and kill that one.'"

Amy Klobuchar - Senator from Minnesota

Katz: "She had a very, very good night. This was the second time that she really did shine."

Pete Buttigieg - Mayor from South Bend.

Katz: "The guy who won the debate was Pete Buttigieg. I'm not saying that I agree with him on policy, but if the job was to differentiate himself from the pack to remind everyone why he was in the race, he did it better than anyone. He wins."

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