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The New York Times Redesigns The American Flag…

In June the New York Times published a piece that claimed the American flag was a divisive symbol. Now the NYT has taken the liberty of redesigning our country’s flag altogether.

In an op-ed article posted Tuesday the New York Times offered up several alternatives to what is currently the red, white, and blue. The author says the artists designs are everything from “functional designs,” what America “could be,” to how the country is now.

We’ll let you review some of the designs…

Artist: Andrew Kuo

Description: The red strips represent the past while the white represent the future. The other colors represent “untapped potential,” “repairing systemic racism,” and “taking care of our planet.”

Artist: Na Kim

Description: The gray monochrome “represents America surrendering to its fall from power and loss of the ideals it once stood for. The American Dream is being washed away.”

Artist: Joseph Han, Tom Elia, and J.A Ginsburg, Collins

Description: “The American flag was once a unifying symbol…now red and blue are tribal signals.” The artists continue to explain that the purple bar in the middle is a reminder that we have the potential to come together as one.

Other flag designs include an abstract version of the flag, the flag out of focus, and one that combines BLM, LGBTQ+ community, a thin blue line and more. If interested, the whole collection can be found here. 

The op-ed is part of the NYT Snap Out of it, America! series “exploring bold ideas to revitalize and renew the American experiment.”

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