Indiana Republican Todd Rokita Stands Next to a Cardboard Standup of President Donald Trump.
Former State Rep. Todd Rokita, Republican Nominee for State Attorney General, says Obamacare has failed. PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis

Todd Rokita: How We Protect Pre-Existing Conditions at The State Level Without Obamacare

Obamacare has got to go, according to Todd Rokita, the Republican nominee for State Attorney General, and it can be done while still protecting people with pre-existing conditions.

“Look, Obamacare has failed,” Rokita told WIBC’s Tony Katz Wednesday. “And the rhetoric coming from the left with regard to pre-existing conditions is scare tactics. We can provide affordable healthcare coverage and protect people with pre-existing conditions.”

Rokita explained: “There are state-based plans; they’re community plans. The Indiana General Assembly already voted to cover pre-existing conditions in their budget last year. Now, there’s more work to do, but that doesn’t mean that you need the federal wreck of Obamacare; there are other ways to do it.

“For example: block granting the money that we otherwise give up to the federal government and keeping it here in the state so that we can decide as individuals, as communities, through your local representative, who needs what, what kind of coverage should we have, and how do we go it.”

If elected as Attorney General, Rokita said he will also work at the state level to hold China accountable.

“We have to diversify our supply lines, two states have already sued China, and there’s actually a ‘Foreign Powers Sovereignty Act” that can be used,” explained Rokita. “And China as a country also has real estate holdings in the state of Indiana that be examined for attachment to pay economic damages [related to COVID-19].”

In making his case with voters, Rokita also noted the positive economic impact he would help foster as the Indiana State Attorney General.

“I have won the National Federation of Independent Business’s highest award twice for keeping regulators at bay so that jobs can grow,” said Rokita, warning that “liberal attorney generals across the country could impact negatively the economic progress of Indiana by banning together and create bad policies through the court that they couldn’t get through regulators or through congress.”

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