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DACA Deal with No Wall? 'Welcome to the Evil Side of the Lesser of Two Evils'

Kurt Schlichter: Schumer is playing you for a fool, Mr. President

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Donald Trump's Republican base is furious.  His most ardent supporters lost their collective minds last night amid reports that the President had once again aligned with Democrats and agreed to a deal on DACA that would not include funding for Trump's long-promised border wall: a central issue of his campaign.

WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with columnist Kurt Schlichter, who penned an article for the conservative website in which he bluntly states, "Welcome to the 'evil' part of 'the lesser of two evils,'" a reference to many Republican's justification for voting Trump into office last November.


We like guys who are grounded in Conservative thought and have Conservative principles; that ain't Trump. But the most important thing that Trump ain't is Hillary Clinton. And that's why he got our support. This isn't a huge surprise (but) it's more of a disappointment. 

...It's annoying, but then I look at the alternative. We're grown-ups; we try and play the best hand we can with the cards we're dealt.

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