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Derek Hunter: Mob Mentality Prevents Real Results on Border

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The hysteria over border-enforcement problems continues Tuesday, showing little if any sign of slowing anytime soon. Media outlets have practically dedicated every waking moment to pushing a narrative that paints the Trump administration as heartless and cruel, while seemingly giving a pass to Democrats' role both creating and prolonging the alleged suffering of migrant families separated at the border.

The issue is an emotional one that has even prompted outcry from a large number of conservative lawmakers, many of whom are introducing new legislation this week in an attempt to stem the political fallout as Republicans gear up for midterm elections.

Author and contributor at, Derek Hunter spoke with WIBC host Tony Katz about the politics behind the media coverage this week.


"It is all designed to elicit an emotional response. There is no discussion of how to deal with the problem, who created the problem, who is responsible for these kids who are brought across the border - which is their parents.

It is all designed to appeal to emotion. It's designed to override logic and just appeal to people's feelings. It's not going to solve anything; it's not going to help the issue. But Democrats believe it will motivate voters in the midterm elections, and that's what this coverage and the hysteria from the left is designed to do."

Click the link below to hear Tony's full interview with Derek Hunter:

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