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Drone Hunting Eagles = AWESOME!

Katz: Legislation to Outlaw Drones Will Inevitably be Signed into Law

(EMMANUEL DUNAND / Staff / Getty Images)

Nuisance drones at airports, accident scenes and at the site of disasters in progress are an increasing problem for the FAA and law-enforcement communities, and WIBC host Tony Katz predicts legislation to outlaw drones entirely is inevitable.


"You will see a massive change in how drones are treated. It's going to lead to legislation that outlaws all drones - outlaws them entirely. Because a drone that gets into an engine can cause a major issue. The claim is going to be security, and they're going to win that war. They're going to hire people to shoot them out of the sky, and anyone caught operating a drone will be cited and fined."

Overseas, however, the Dutch National Police Core have an alternative solution, and it's AWESOME: training large predatory birds to hunt and subdue robotic prey. 

Tony has the full breakdown in the following clip:

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