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Ex-Dem IT Aide Imran Awan Poised to Strike Deal for Immunity from Prosecution

Luke Rosiak, The Daily Caller: Same Dems Decrying Lack of Cyber Security Giving Awan a Pass

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Imran Awan, the former IT aide to congressional Democrats whose federal court case has drawn the interest of President Trump, is poised to strike a plea deal with prosecutors, court filings indicate.

A Tuesday filing said a plea agreement hearing for Awan and his wife Hina Alvi has been set for July 3 before U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan in Washington.

Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller has been following the investigation into Awan for the last several months and joined WIBC host Tony Katz Wednesday to discuss this latest development.

Rosiak told Tony Congress was hacked during the Imran Awan IT scandal and thinks Democrats are responsible; however, they're attempting to downplay the scandal because it doesn't fit the liberal narrative.


"They chose the narrative over national security. It's all about the media, getting the voter base worked up about Russian collussion, meanwhile, they're attempting to paper over cyber hacks from Pakistan as a direct result of the potentially criminal actions of a former Democrat IT aide."

Click the link below to hear the full interview:

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