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KATZ: Joe Donnelly Moderate No More

With his no vote on tax cuts, Sen. Joe Donnelly has ripped off his moderate mask.

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With the passage of the tax bill down party lines, Republicans finally fulfilled one of the campaign promises of President Donald Trump. The bill significantly lowers the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, doubles the standard deduction and doubles the per child tax credit. It's far from perfect, but it's a start. It also put moderate Democrats in a pickle: Vote for tax cuts and defy their Progressive party leadership or stick with party and vote against their tax-paying constituents. In Indiana, Sen. Joe Donnelly threw in with Bernie Sanders, and threw out Hoosiers.

The myth of Donnelly as a moderate has existed since he came to the Senate in 2012; A race he won more for the madness of Republican Richard Mourdock than his own, so-called moderate tendencies. In the Senate, he's been a mixed bag of priorities and legislation. He has co-authored or co-sponsored bills on veteran suicide and the opioid issue. These are worthy endeavors. They are worthy of respect, and have helped him in the PR maneuvering of his "moderate" message.

However, when the moment comes to be courageous, and to put Hoosiers before party, Donnelly has been anything but. Instead of recognizing that Obamacare does not work, that Hoosiers and Americans were lied to by Rep. Pelosi, Sens. Schumer and Sanders and former President Obama about costs and options and results, Sen. Donnelly has continued to push the mantra that Obamacare can be "fixed." That fix includes subsidy payments to insurers from the federal government. (These payments were put in place by the Obama Administration without authorization from Congress, and were considered by many to be unconstitutional. President Trump ended the payments in October.)

Subsidies are not a fix. Subsidies are a morphine drip.

And when the moment came to be courageous, and to put Hoosiers before the party on taxes, Donnelly failed again. He threw in with Sens. Sanders and Schumer, and Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand and the most hard-core leftists. Indiana growth has been amazing. Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) has traveled to India and Japan to attract more investment. Tech companies and others have continued to come to the state: Subaru, Honda, Salesforce and many more have invested and re-invested in Indiana's business friendly environment. (We're ready for you, Amazon!)

With a massive reduction in the corporate tax rate, all of America becomes more business friendly, which means more jobs, more investment and more opportunity. Joe Donnelly voted against all of it. He chose party over people and the Hill over Hoosiers. He chose Harris over Hammond, Schumer over South Bend and Warren over Washington Township.

The tax bill passed. Sen. Joe Donnelly failed, and the mask has been ripped off for good. Joe Donnelly: Moderate No More.

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