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No One Voted for Doug Jones; They Voted Against Roy Moore, Donald Trump

Katz:" Dems will run on the 'Trump Hate' platform in 2018."

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Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore in Alabama's special Senate election Tuesday.  Jones' victory makes him the first Democrat to be elected to the United States Senate in Alabama in 25 years. 

"This entire race has been about dignity and respect," Jones said in his victory speech. "This campaign has been about the rule of law."

Moore, however, said he won't be conceding yet and is asking for a recount.

Speaking about Tuesday's election result, WIBC host Tony Katz said Alabama voted against Roy Moore rather than voting for Doug Jones.


All of the allegations against Roy Moore and Doug Jones didn't crack 50%. Because not a single soul in Alabama other than his wife and his mother voted for Doug Jones. They voted against Roy Moore or against Donald Trump.

In any other state, these kinds of allegations, the Democrat wins with 70%. Doug Jones with all of these allegations is such an anemic guy that he didn't crack 50%

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