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Rep. Andre Carson AGAIN Deflects On Louis Farrakhan, Refuses To Step Down

In A Second Indianapolis Interview, The Democratic Congressman Attacks The RJC And Benjamin Netanyahu While Avoid Questions About His Questionable Judgement

(Screen Shot: Rep. Andre Carson from WISH-TV)

In a second TV interview on Friday, Democratic Rep. Andre Carson again deflected questions on the nature of his relationship with bigot and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, instead painting himself as a man with a perfect record in fighting, as he puts it, "...all the phobias."

The interview, with WISH-TV in Indianapolis, did not provide a video or a transcript of the conversation. But in their write-up of the interview, Rep. Carson never repudiated Farrakhan, but continued to push the line that, "I condemn antisemitism strongly...I’ve done it my entire life. I condemn homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, discrimination against women."

But he also admitted again that he does work with Farrakhan:

"I have met with him along with other Black Caucus members talking about crime reduction and a lot of other things,” Carson said. “I meet with a lot of people. I’ve met with Prime Minister Netanyahu."

Earlier in the day, Rep. Carson spoke with Angela Ganote of FOX59 in Indianapolis, and used the same talking point about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government to deflect from addressing his connection to Farrakhan:

The Congressional Black Caucus is asking that organization to condemn (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu and the (Israeli) government for discriminating against Africans who are migrating, who are fleeing dictatorships, who are fleeing oppression. There's a great deal of bigotry and racism happening right now they fail to condemn.

He then furthered his attack on the Republican Jewish Coalition, which has called on Carson and six other members of Congress to resign due to their relationship with Farrakhan. From the article:

Carson also lashed out at the RJC, calling on the group to take a public stand against the Israeli government’s decision to begin deporting African migrants.


“I urge them to condemn the Israeli government pushing out Africans and the mistreatment of Ethiopians, as we pressed prime Minister Netanyahu when we met with him,” Carson said.

Earlier in the day, Rep. Carson said of the RJC, "That organization doesn't have any credibility with me. I know they have a political agenda."

A video of Carson's appearance on WISH-TV's YouTube channel has Carson discussing tariffs, the Russia investigation and a local job fair, yet there is no video of the conversation about Farrakhan. But based on the article at, the headline of the piece is misleading.

The headline reads, "Rep. Carson denounces antisemitic comments by Farrakhan." However, nowhere in the article is Rep. Carson quoted actually denouncing Louis Farrakhan, even though that is how Carson's comments are billed.

Rep. Andre Carson has not denounced Louis Farrakhan. Rather, Carson has now embraced him in two interviews, while continuing to deflect to other issues that have nothing to do with his willing friendship with Farrakhan. Rep. Carson, according to WISH-TV, says he has "no intention" of resigning from Congress.


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