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San Juan Mayor Praised Convicted FALN Terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera

Terrorist Rivera Pardoned by President Barack Obama Prior to Leaving Office

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San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who attacked President Donald Trump for his response to the hurricane devastion in Puerto Rico, has previously praised FALN terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera, according to journalist Carrie Pickett in an article for The Daily Caller. 

"Yulin Cruz is a member of Puerto Rico’s Popular Democratic Party that wants the island to remain a U.S. territory," writes Pickett. "But she sounded more like a member of the island’s Independence Party in a video that surfaced back in January when President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Rivera Lopez."

Lopez Rivera was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his involvement in the FALN, a Puerto Rican separatist group that was responsible for more than 100 bombings in the U.S. during the 1970s and 1980s.

WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with Carrie Pickett on his afternoon broadcast Tuesday. Pickett notes that San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz had actually praised President Trump for his response to Puerto Rico only days before inexplicably reversing herself and going on the attack. 


It certainly makes you wonder whether certain politicians over in D.C. got to her and said, 'No, no, no, you have to get on the right page here because we're saying President Trump is NOT responding in a proper fashion, in a timely fashion.' So if you notice, she sort of switched it up a bit as far as her talking points were concerned. 

As for Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz's comments with regard to FALN terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera, Pickett questioned why the Mayor had been so affirming of President Barack Obama's decision to commute Rivera's sentence prior to leaving office.

She ended up being so ecstatic about [Rivera's] early release from prison. So it's one of those things where you question why it is that Cruz was so psyched about [Rivera's] release, but the majority of Puerto Ricans, including Goya, a very major Puerto Rican company, they're ashamed of him. They look at him as a terrorist, and they're wondering why she was putting him up on a pedestal.

Click below to hear Tony's full interview with Carrie Pickett:

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