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Serial Bomber Sought After Fourth Blast in Austin

Radio Host Todd Jeffries of KLBJ in Austin Gives Tony Katz Latest Details

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The fourth explosion in less than three weeks in Austin, Texas, appears to be the work of a serial bomber, officials said in a press conference Monday. 

Authorities warned that the devices appear to be getting more sophisticated and asked residents of one neighborhood to stay indoors until further notice. 

"We are clearly dealing with a serial bomber," Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said, adding that he was unable to answer questions from reporters about whether the incidents should be considered domestic terrorism. "We will have to determine if we see a specific ideology behind this."

While the three previous bombs have been packages delivered to people’s homes, the fourth device was left on the side of the road and rigged with a tripwire, according to police.

Radio host Todd Jeffries of KLBJ in Austin told WIBC's Tony Katz that police are concerned by the increasing sophistication of the explosive devices:

"The police are concerned - particularly with this latest device, which had a tripwire, because it could have been placed anywhere.

Police also believe that whoever is doing this is sophisticated; they're educated, obviously because it's so dangerous to move this kind of material. And [police] are concerend that this individual is trying to send a message, because these devices could have been used to hurt many more people."

Hear more of Tony and Todd's conversation by clicking below: 

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