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Tax Day: Time to Render Unto Caesar The Things That Are Caesar!

Fox News' Ed Henry Joins Tony Katz to Talk Tax Day and Democrats' Outrage to Trump's Threat to Ship Migrants to Sanctuary Cities

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The dreaded April 15, TAX DAY has arrived for the ever decreasing percentage of Americans who pay Federal income tax each year.

Total revenue collected by the IRS for 2019 is slightly below figures for 2018, according to analysts at Fox Business, who explained that some taxpayers are opting to file extensions due to the fact that they are not anticipating that they will receive a refund this year.Ed

During a conversation with WIBC host Tony Katz, Ed Henry, chief national correspondent for Fox News noted the apparent speed with which the IRS cashes the check of taxpayers who owe money versus the pace at which refunds are issued.


"I owed this year and when I looked at my bank statement a couple days ago in the app, it is amazing how quickly the IRS cashed that check. If you're getting a refund, you're waiting, you're standing, you're waiting on the mail carrier every day. They take their sweet time on issuing those checks."

Katz and Henry also dug into democrats' outrage in the wake of President Trump's threats to ship migrants to sanctuary cities. Click the link below to enjoy the full interview.

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