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U.S. Government Wiretapped Former Trump Campaign Manager

Katz: In the court of public opinion, 'holy crap, Trump was right!'

(photo credit: Mark Reinstein/Getty Images)

Remember all the fallout from President Donald Trump's claims that the Obama administration had wiretapped Trump Tower? Remember all the left-leaning media organizations mocking Trump for his absurd and ridiculous statements on the matter? Well it turns out the President was correct.

U.S. investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders before and after the election, according to multiple media outlets.

A secret order authorized by the court that handles the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act began after Manafort became the subject of an FBI investigation that began in 2014.

WIBC host Tony Katz's response to this latest development in the Trump wiretapping claims: the President was right.


Even if you want to say that 'technically' President Trump wasn't wiretapped, you go right ahead. But 'technically' is for the law. In politics, we play in the court of public opinion. And in the court of public opinion, 'holy crap, Trump was wiretapped! The son of a gun was right! I'm never going to doubt that guy again! You know what? I'm buying me a Trump steak right now.'

Do you know how bad this looks for the CNNs of the world and the MSNBCs of the world? [It] Looks so, so very bad. 

Click below to hear Tony's full commentary:

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