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USA Today Go Off The Rails on AR-15 Op-Ed Piece

Katz: "Anyone who uses the term 'assault weapon' in an article shouldn't be allowed to talk about guns."

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The Indianapolis Star has published an article from the editorial board at USA Today entitled "The AR-15 rifle butchers the human body; so why is it legal, exactly?"

The article delves into the most recent surge of mass shootings in America, noting that "in each case, an AR-15 or derivative was the killer's weapon of choice."

According to the author, this is no coincidence.

From USA Today:

"The gun (the AR doesn't stand for assault rifle but for the weapon's first designer, Armalite Rifle) is by far the most popular of the millions of assault-style rifles owned by Americans. Surgeons who have treated the wounds call the weapons perfect killing machines that can tear a body apart and create massive hemorrhaging.

The reason is simple physics. Semiautomatic assault rifles like the AR-15 fire a relatively small round at a high speed. Where tissue damage from a pistol would be confined largely to a bullet's pathway, the shock wave from an assault-style rifle round — like the high bow wave from a speed boat — creates a corridor of damage."

The implied conclusion is that the elimination of the AR-15 will save lives and lead to a decrease in carnage from future mass shootings.

WIBC host Tony Katz disagrees, adding that those who lack credible knowledge on the subject of guns and specifically weapons such as the AR-15 should not parade their ignorance by writing uninformed opinion pieces for national publications:

There should be a law that says anybody who uses the term 'assault weapon' in an article should not be allowed to talk about guns.

...There is no such thing as an 'assault weapon.'

Click below to hear Tony's full commentary:

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