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VIDEO: Farrakhan Says Rep. Andre Carson Came To Visit Him In D.C.

The Indianapolis Congressman May Not Have Told The Whole Truth Regarding His Relationship With The Anti-Semetic Leader Of The Nation Of Islam

(Photo Credit: Farrakhan - Mark Wilson/Getty Images | Carson - Tom Williams/Getty Images)

Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic and bigoted leader of the Nation of Islam, in a video produced by the Washington Post, admits freely that Democratic Congressmen Andre Carson (IN) and Keith Ellison (MN) both met with Farrakhan on repeated occasions, including a private meeting in his "suite."

Carson took to two local TV outlets on March 9th, and in each interview he "denounced" anti-Semitism while side-stepping direct criticism of Farrakhan. In interviews on FOX 59 and WISH-TV, Carson pivoted to attacks on the Republican Jewish Coalition, which he referred to as "not credible," and then discussed his issues with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At one moment, he tried to compare Netanyahu to Farrakhan:

"I have met with him along with other Black Caucus members talking about crime reduction and a lot of other things,” Carson said. “I meet with a lot of people. I’ve met with Prime Minister Netanyahu."

In the WaPo video, which exposes the lies Rep. Ellison has been telling for years about his association with Farrakhan, Farrakhan himself discusses the times Ellison and Carson came to see him.


Farrakhan: So for Brother Congressman, I do wish him well. You know I like him, though. I think he's very intelligent, and he could do a lot to help the Democratic party. But, the way he went about it, I'm sorry.

Show Host: It was terribly wrong. Even this summer, out in Rosemont, he was essentially greedy.

Farrakhan: He came, and Congressman Carson came. I believe. But both of them, when I was in Washington, visited my suite. And we sit down and talk like you and I talkin.

In February, multiple reports stated that Carson, Ellison and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus attended a dinner with Farrakhan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Carson denies attending the dinner, claiming that others attached his name to it. But in both TV interviews, Carson mentioned meeting with Farrakhan only within the construct of larger meetings with the CBC.

But now we know that Carson has met with Farrakhan outside of the CBC, going out of his way to meet him in private. We know that Carson won't repudiate Farrakhan in public for his anti-Semitic and bigoted comments, but will he refute Farrakhan's claim that he has had private meetings with him?

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