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What's the Right Way to Handle Another Parent's Unruly Child?

Tony Katz Responds to Question About When to Step In and Take Control

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Is it ever okay to step in and intervene as a parent if you witness another person's child behaving inappropriately in a public place?

Bethany Mandel, contributor for The Federalist asked this question recently after her husband saw a little boy acting aggressively towards his child at a playground. 

WIBC host Tony Katz tackled the issue on his afternoon broadcast, Tuesday.

Don't tell me about the kid's feelings. If the parents were worried about the child's feelings, they would step in. I don't believe in getting rough and tumble for no reason, but who's in charge? Your kid acts out and my kid should suffer? My kid's not going to suffer for a second; that's not the way it's going to work.

...But I don't care about that parent at all. It's the idea that you do not get to be a passive parent anywhere. I reject that notion; you have to say something, and the something is: 'Hey kid, step away from my son right now. You can't act that way at a park. Get over there!'

What's the parent going to do, yell at you? Let them yell at you. You're exposing the parent for being a failure, which they are.

Click below to hear the rest of Tony's answer to Bethany:

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