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THIS is Who Andre Carson Refuses to Denounce

Indiana Congressman is not fit to represent Hoosiers' interests and values in Washington

(Sean Zanni/Getty Images)

Democratic Indiana Rep. Andre Carson still refused to denounce well-known anti-Semite and bigot Louis Farrakhan, a leader for the Nation of Islam.

Hoosiers remain perplexed by Carson's apparent allegiance to Farrakhan and his reluctance to condemn the minister's vile and divisive comments over the many years.

Further adding insult to injury, Carson has made it abundantly clear that he will not "rule out future meetings" with Farrakhan. 

On Thursday, WIBC host Tony Katz demonstrated once again why Andre Carson is unqualified and unworthy to serve as an Indiana elected official, emphasizing his point by playing an audio clip of recent comments that Louis Farrakhan made during a racist speech to an audience of his supporters.

Click the link below to hear Farrakhan's comments and Tony Katz' response:

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