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ISP Voter Fraud Inquest Rolls On

Tony Katz Gets An Update From ISP Capt. Bursten On The Investigation Of Possible Voter Fraud By The Indiana Voter Registration Project

The Indiana State Police investigation into reports of voter fraud by the Indiana Voter Registration Project is developing rapidly and ISP Chief Public Information Officer Capt. Dave Bursten anticipates that the inquest will continue beyond Election Day.

WIBC Morning News Host Tony Katz sits down withCapt. Bursten and gets his thoughts on the case, continued allegations of racism by IVRP parent group Patriot Majority USA, and the actions voters take do to protect themselves from voter fraud.

According to Capt. Bursten, a number of people have contacted ISP directly about falsified voter information:

We have direct instances of people stating that their information was changed based on information that we have in our hands that was copied from reports that have been submitted to  different county registrations offices, and people we have contacted have said ‘I did not do that’.

He adds that people are still encouraged to verify their voter information before November 8th:

Make sure that your voter registration is correct. Go to and check your information. Hopefully, it’s correct. If it’s not, contact your county registration audience and seek guidance from them or from the Secretary of State's office.

When somebody goes to cast their vote, if their information has been changed, they will have to cast a provisional ballot. They will have ten days to validate their provisional ballot by showing what happened to them. But there are a lot of other twists and turns that can take that are unique Indiana voting laws and we leave that in the realm of the Indiana Secretary of State's office.

Capt. Bursten again rejects claims by IVRP parent group Patriot Majority and Democratic operatives Craig Varoga that the ISP and Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson are trying to disenfranchise African-American voters and sets the record straight:

Whenever you have a Washington, D.C. PR firm that's been hired to go out and start slinging mud based on allegations that aren't based on any factual information at all, that speaks volumes to the character of the people we are looking at and dealing with.

The Indiana State Police notified the Indiana Secretary of State's office that we had initiated this investigaiton. The Secretary of State's office had nothing to do with this. The Governor of Indiana had nothing to do with asking us to do an investigation or telling us not to do an investigation--both of those are unacceptable.

Everybody has the right to vote. Your right to vote should not be impaired by the actions of an organization doing sloppy work.

Hear the rest of Tony's conversation with Capt. Bursten below:

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