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IN Secretary of State Lawson: Who You Callin' Racist?

Tony Katz Breaks Down Secretary Lawson's Statement Against Craig Varoga & Patriot Majority USA, Demands More From State Democrats

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Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson: who you callin' racist? 

Since the Indiana State Police began their investigation to reports of voter registration fraud by the Indiana Voter Registration Project, Democratic operative Craig Varoga and IVRP parent group/Democratic PAC Patriot Majority USA have repeatedly accused Sec. Lawson, Governor Pence and the ISP of racism and attempted voter disenfranchisement.

After Patriot Majority released results of a voter roll "analysis" with information Sec. Lawson believes was obtained through the Indiana Democratic Party, and after said Party accused her and her office of "playing partisan politics" with the investigation, Sec. Lawson "finally laid the smackdown", as WIBC Morning News Host Tony Katz puts it.

Excerpts from Sec. Lawson:

I would never go so far as to say someone is incompetent like the Democrat Party and Patriot Majority did to me. We may disagree on a lot of things, but I appreciate that every day we all get up and work hard for our families and fellow citizens. For Patriot Majority and Indiana Democrats to call me an incompetent racist, and chastise me for partisan behavior when I only provided information to Indiana State Police and did my job is extremely disappointing and hypocritical.

And where did Patriot Majority get their file to do this analysis? I suspect they got this list from the State Democrat Party who also instead of worrying about these voters, have chosen to attack me.

 I think Hoosiers should know that there appears to be a nexus between the Indiana Democrat Party and Patriot Majority. Quite frankly, Hoosiers deserve better. As was the case with my office, we only turned over reports and information related to the investigation to the Indiana State Police – not party officials and activists. I’m disappointed that Indiana officials are more concerned about pushing an inaccurate narrative than Hoosiers whose voter registration was changed without their knowledge.

Hear Tony's commentary and more of Secretary Lawson's smackdown below: 


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images. Since the Indiana State Police began their investigation into reports of possible...
Two weeks remain until Election Day and the Indiana State Police investigation into reports of possible voter...