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Tony Katz Will Not Let Patriot Majority Lies Go Unanswered

Tony Katz Outlines His Mission To Combat The Attacks Against The Indiana State Police

Patriot Majority USA, and Democratic operative Craig Varoga, are lying about voter suppression and, as WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz sees it, trying to throw the election. Hoosiers can not stand by and let that happen. 

Patriot Majority recently announced a public awareness campaign claiming that Governor Mike Pence, and the Indiana State Police are trying to suppress thousands of African-American voters. Patriot Majority is the parent organization of the Indiana Voter Registration Project, which is currently under ISP investigation for voter fraud.

The idea that black voters are being disenfranchised because of an investigation is nonsense, says Tony, and this "public awareness campaign" must be confronted:

If you think I'm going to let these lies go unanswered in Indiana, you are out of your damn mind. By tomorrow, I will have a place where people can donate so people can start putting together videos and print ads to describe the sick nature of Patriot Majority, the lies that they're putting out, and the absolute lack of proof they have.

You're going to claim that the Indiana State Police are bigots and racists? You think you can influence an election in my state? Are you out of your mind? We don't allow this kind of nonsense!

Quite clearly, Patriot Majority is lying through their teeth to try and change and election, to try and throw an election through lies and deceit. They cannot sit here and lie about Governor Pence and lie about the Indiana State Police and lie about this investigation and get away with it!

There's a moment to fight, and we're going to fight for the truth here! They can't throw an election where I live. I won't have it and I only hope you won't, either.  

Hear the rest of Tony's commentary below:

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