Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett's Image affixed to a milk carton.

Where Is Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett?

It’s been one month since violent riots broke out in the streets of downtown Indianapolis.

Windows were smashed. Businesses were destroyed. IMPD officers and civilians suffered minor to major injuries.

The nation and our city were in the midst of a crisis, and times of crisis require genuine, courageous leadership.

I can only imagine Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett clearly understood the gravity of the situation as he awoke from his slumber the night of the riots, quickly went tinkle, and did what any courageous leader would do as his city burned: He issued a tweet.

Yessir, we’ve got ourselves a real General George S. Patton governing the city of Indianapolis.

Local businesses in downtown Indianapolis continue to deal with the ramifications of last month’s riots as they struggle to survive in an economy crippled by the Coronavirus pandemic. IMPD officers and their families are facing very real threats to their safety and in some cases, their lives. People are angry. People are afraid.

Meanwhile, the Mayor’s office remains silent, save for the occasional impotent press release.

Where is Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett? Is he sleeping? Is he locked in his bathroom? Is he engaged in a high-intensity workout program with plans to emerge “Jan Brady Style” in 90 days as “The New Joe Hogsett?”

I can just imagine that press conference:

“Hey everybody! It’s the new Joe Hogsett! The only guns I need to restore law and order in the city of Indianapolis are these bulging biceps!”


It’s time for Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett to make a personal decision for the sake of our city: step up and lead or stand down and resign.

WIBC host Tony Katz favors Hogsett stepping down. He explains his perspective in the commentary below.


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