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Why Are Protesters Throwing Milkshakes on Politicians?

32-Year-old U.K. Man Charged with Assault on Pro-Brexit Politician Nigel Farage

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Now protesters are throwing milkshakes at politicians. That's just COLD.

British police have charged Paul Crowther, 32, with assault after pro-Brexit politician Nigel Farage was hit with a milkshake while campaigning in the European Parliament election, according to Fox News.

The incident took place in Newcastle, northeast England, leaving Farage with milkshake dripping down his suit during a walkabout in the city on Monday.

Crowther told police he threw the banana-and-salted caramel Five Guys shake to protest the politician's "bile and racism."

Who knew they had Five Guys in Europe? Their burgers and shakes really ARE the best!

For some reason, milkshakes have become an increasingly common political weapon in Britain. They're tasty, convenient, and much less painful to the protester than glueing his or her breasts to the pavement.

Other right-wing candidates including far-right activist Tommy Robinson have also been pelted with milkshakes during the election campaign. 

WIBC host Tony Katz:

"You throw something at someone, expect to get hit with something back, and probably with twice as much velocity.

It's crazy and people are mocking it, but why are we throwing things at people. You throw something at another person, expect to get shot. The person getting hit doesn't know what you're throwing, and we've all seen and heard about chemical attacks. And imagine if you were with your family.

These are not kind and decent people, and this is ugly, violent, dangerous, and someone is going to get killed."  

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