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Bridge Down(town)

Bridge Work At Fall Creek Parkway And Capitol Ave Is Going To Suck

(Photo credit: Matt Bair / WIBC)

On Monday, April 17th, WIBC morning commuters will be disappointed to find one of their favorite Fall Creek bridges closed for an overhaul. 

Crews are shutting down the bridge at Capitol and Fall Creek Parkway N. until after Thanksgiving, forcing drivers to inconveniently explore other parts of the Circle City in hopes of making it to work on time.

Here’s the detour provided by INDOT:

(One ways are not always the best ways to your heart)


The detour should be packed—especially in the beginning—but if missing your skinny vanilla latte at the 15th and Capitol Starbucks won’t completely ruin your morning, maybe you’d like to tryout some of the other routes into Downtown like 29th to MLK into West, SB Meridian, or this little gem to Penn:

(I'm new to this)


If you’re exiting off 65 N. onto 29th, DO NOT go right on Central.  You’ll run into another Fall Creek bridge fav—and it’s very much closed.


If you have any questions—and I'm sure you do—hit me up in the traffic center at (317) 684-8134 or on the Twitter @WIBC_TRAFFIC.  

You guys make it go—and I love talking to you guys.


Until then, safe travels.



Matthew Bair is an inspiring safe driver and the new voice of Indianapolis traffic.  Follow him on Twitter at @WIBC_Traffic or his personal account @MattINTraffic.  They finally gave him a phone, so call in any tips at (317) 684-8134.  

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