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I-465, It Was Nice Knowing You

Nine miles of I-465 will close on the southwest side in September, and a notorious downtown road hazard is finally going away.

(Photo credit: CJ Miller/93 WIBC)

We’re going to need another hashtag.

I-465 on the southwest side is closing in September for another bridge rehabilitation project. The closure zone will stretch from east to west after the I-70 interchange to just before the I-65 interchange.


(Photo credit: INDOT)

Unlike #I65Sucks - downtown version - both directions WILL NOT be closed at the same time.

Eastbound lanes will shutdown Friday, September 14th at 9pm and reopen on or before Monday, September 24th, at 5am.

During this time, the following eastbound I-465 on/off ramps will be closed:

  • Kentucky Ave/S.R. 67
  • Mann Rd.
  • Harding St/S.R. 37
  • East St/U.S. 31

Westbound lanes will shutdown Friday, September 28th at 9pm and reopen on or before Monday October 8th, at 5am.

During this time, the following westbound I-465 on/off ramps will be closed:

  • Kentucky Ave/S.R. 67
  • Mann Rd.
  • Harding St/S.R. 37
  • East St/U.S. 31

In other words, ten day closures for each direction.

Ummm... so MORE construction

Yeah, but some of the other stuff will finally be done.  Here’s a list of major construction projects that’ll be finished and not so finished when repairs on the southwest side of I-465 begin:


  • #I65Sucks - or the multiple I-65 closures downtown and in Pike Township.
  • Repairs on downtown sinkhole (more below)
  • I-69 “section five” (hopefully)


  • Meridian St. closure (until end of October).
  • Central Ave. bridge (until end of November, and stay tuned for the closure of the COLLEGE Ave. bridge)
  • World’s biggest roundabout at 96th and Keystone (until sometime in 2019)
  • I-69 “section six” (until BWAHAHAHAHHA yeah right).
  • Oliver Ave. Bridge rehab project (until the end of November).
  • Red Line Construction (Open in 2019).

More to come, as in reroutes...


Starting this weekend (Fri, 7/13), INDOT will start fixing the pavement on I-465 on the east side. The work will be restricted to weekends and overnights, but the lane restrictions will be extreme.

east side

(Photo credit: INDOT)

For example, beginning Friday, 7/13 at 9pm, the left three lanes of southbound I-465 will close from 71st St. to Pendleton Pike until early Monday morning.

We'll announce the closures as soon as we have them on @WIBCTraffic and on 93 WIBC.


Since July 4th, downtown Indy commuters have been driving around this mother:


(Photo credit: CJ Miller/93 WIBC)


(Photo credit: CJ Miller/93 WIBC)


(Photo credit: CJ Miller/93 WIBC)

It’s the monster sinkhole - or pothole’s psycho cousin - that closed the intersection of Ohio St. and Pennsylvania St. - a highly navigated section of downtown Indianapolis. Anyone that’s hugged the right lane of New York St. this last week likely hasn't enjoyed what it's like when a major downtown intersection is taken away.

According to Citizens Energy, a 100-year-old sewer line collapsed, causing the 15 foot deep sinkhole to open up and shutdown the intersection to walkers and drivers. Crews have been going 24x7 on repairing this thing - and by the grace of the “asleep at the wheel” Indy infrastructure gods - the intersection was scheduled to reopen Friday night.

I’m so glad that came up. It’s okay to wonder if downtown Indy is susceptible to more giant sinkholes opening and causing closures like this. We’re working on getting answers to these questions, including whether or not the highly publicized and so far successful DigIndy project can help relieve our aging sewer system - in turn alleviating the chance for more sinkholes to appear and ruin our commute, or most importantly, hurt somebody.

Answers coming.

Much love.


Matt Bair believes interstates are for the spoiled, and gravel roads are the only way to go. He is the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic. Tips? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the 93 WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397.


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