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I-65 Closing On The South Side This Weekend

Weekend road construction will slow travel all over Indianapolis, especially on the south side.

We gave the road roulette wheel a hefty spin for this weekend, and low and behold it landed on “south side” for like the thousandth time this construction season. Johnson County to downtown drivers need to polish off their U.S. 31 boots and dust off their special rerouting underwear, because construction season is still on.

Here we go:


Starting Friday night (10/4) at 9pm until Monday morning (10/7) at 6am, northbound I-65 will close from I-465 to the north split. In addition, northbound I-65 from Southport Rd. to I-465 will be reduced to one lane.

Feast your eyes:

I-65 Weekend Work

Crews will repaving, reinforcing bridges, cleaning drains, fixing barriers, etc. You know, general maintenance kind of things.

U.S. 31/East St., S.R. 135/S. Meridian St., Emerson Ave., and Southeastern Ave. are all ready and willing to take on rerouting traffic. Expect company, because your neighbors will also have to string together a detour. 


Check this list carefully. Several other sections of interstate will be undergoing maintenance with lane restrictions.

Full Closures

  • Northbound I-65 from I-465 to North Split

          All lanes closed 

          Friday at 9pm to Monday at 6am

Lane Restrictions 

  • Northbound I-65 from Southport Rd. to I-465

          One lane open

          Friday at 9pm to Friday at 6am

  • Eastbound I-465 from Keystone Ave. to the White River 

          One lane open 

          Friday at 9pm to Monday at 6am

  • Westbound I-465 from the White River to Keystone Ave.

    Two lanes open 

    Saturday at 7pm to Monday at 6am

  • Northbound I-465 from I-70 interchange to Pendleton Pike 

          One lane open 

          Friday at 9pm to Monday at 6am

  • Eastbound I-465 from I-865 to U.S. 31 (Meridian St.) 

          Left lane closed 

          Friday at 8pm to Sunday at 2pm

  • Westbound I-465 from U.S. 31 (Meridian St.) to I-865

          Left lane closed 

          Friday at 8pm to Saturday at 2pm

  • Northbound I-465 from W. 56th St. to W. 96th St. (Northwest side) 

          One lane open 

          Friday at 8pm to Saturday at 8pm 

  • Eastbound and Westbound I-865 from I-465 to I-65

          One lane open in each direction

          Now through October 9th

  • Northbound and Southbound I-65 from Little Eagle Creek to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. (Exit 117) (northwest side)

          Two lanes open each direction 

          Now through end of October

Ramp Closures

  • Ohio St. Ramps (downtown Indianapolis) 

          Friday at 9am to Monday at 6am

  • Northbound Keystone Ave. to Westbound I-465

          Saturday at 7am to Monday at 6am

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