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Illinois St. Closing Monday, Take Two

After a brief delay, work on a DigIndy tunnel will close Illinois St. near I-70.

(Cover Photo: @daviddrake2 - A multiple vehicle crash Thursday morning caused a monster traffic jam on the east side. Traffic was stopped for nearly an hour on northbound I-465 as crews worked to clear the scene).

Illinois St. on the south part of downtown was supposed to close last Monday for a DigIndy tunnel project - the giant underground tunnel system that keeps our stuff out of rivers, streams, etc. The project was delayed a week, possibly because of the sucky Indiana weather. 

The day is nigh. Starting Monday (12/9), providing any unforseen circumstances, Illinois St. will close from South St. to McCartySt. for tunnel construction. The closure will last until July.

Illinois St. Closure

Madison Ave. is avilable since reopening from it's DigIndy work, and eastbound I-70 drivers entering downtown might consider exiting early at West St. to reroute. 

Keep in mind, until Monday's full closure the right lane of Illinois St. is closed from Merrill St. to the Red Garter - or south of South St., and yes, I’ll continue to use the Red Garter as a landmark until someone offers a better way to say “south of South St.” 

Maybe I could say “to Henry St,” but not a whole lot of people know what a Henry St. is, including me. 

So, it’s the Red Garter. A "gentlemen's club"

I haven’t done the strip club thing in forever. I went to a popular establishment in Ft. Wayne when I turned eighteen, met a nice dancer from Pakerton, and struck up a conversation. I was sure she liked me, so I told her to sit down and join us for good conversation and laughs, even though my friends and I didn't have a lot of money.

Didn’t see her, or any of the other girls the rest of the night. 

I was that guy.

Anyhow, Illinois closes Monday.


It took a little longer than expected, but Dandy Trail bridge over Eagle Creek opened Wednesday after an eight month closure for resurfacing and other goodies.

Dandy Trail Bridge Open

The completion of this project is an indicator that construction season is finally winding down, including weekend road work. That leads us to...


Is there a way to pave over a sheet of ice? No? Then it’s safe to assume that we're almost finished. Keep checking back for weekend updates, and I’ll holler when we’re done, done.

Lane Closures

  • Northbound I-465 NB from Brookville Rd. to I-70 

          Right three lanes closed 

          Sunday 8am to Sunday 5pm

  • Eastbound/Westbound I-465 from U.S. 31 to I-70 (Northeast Side)

          Rolling slow downs because of striping 

          Friday 9pm to Saturday 6am

  • Northbound/Southbound I-69 from I-465 to 116th St.

          Rolling slow downs because of striping

          Friday 9pm to Saturday 6am

  • Southbound I-465 at E. 56th St. (Northeast side) 

          Left two lanes closed 

          Friday 7pm Sunday 6am

  • Eastbound I-465 from U.S. 31/Meridian St. to Allisonville Rd.

          Left three lanes closed 

          Saturday 9pm to Monday 6am

  • Westbound I-465 from Allisonville Rd. to U.S. 31/Meridan St.

          Left three lanes closed 

          Saturday 9pm to Monday 6am

  • Eastbound I-465 from Ditch Road to U.S. 31/Meridian St. (Northwest side)

          Left two lanes closed 

          Sunday 8am to Sunday 5pm

  • Westbound I-865 (Mile Marker three to Mile Marker four)

          Rolling slow downs

          Saturday 9am to Saturday 5pm

Ramp Closures

  • Shadeland/E. 56th St. to Northbound I-465

          Friday 9pm Sunday 6am

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