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Just Put The Damn Seat Belt On

The Most Reliable And Original Safety Device Could Save The Life Of Someone You Love

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Tuesday night sucked.  A speeding car full of teenagers rolled three times after going hard towards the I70 E - Harding St exit.  All five weren’t wearing their seat belts, all five were ejected, two were killed.  (Thoughts go out to the Ben Davis students and staff who are mourning over the loss of a current and former student).

Awful.  Really good kids, too

WIBCTraffic won’t hear the detractors who question why the driver was speeding.  Most of us did things - that led to other things - in our youth that wouldn’t be considered, um, smart.  

Let’s ask one question though:  Would wearing a seat belt saved one life, or maybe two?

We caught up with Sergeant John Perrine, the Indiana State Police Public (ISP) Information Officer for Indianapolis.  He makes sense:

Wearing a seat belt seemingly simple, an easy habit to develop, yet it’s one of the single most important decision you can make every time you get into a vehicle. If you’re the driver, it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone is buckled. I feel that some people choose not to wear their seat belt simply because others in the car aren’t. My message to them, just buckle every time, not only will it save your life, it’s contagious; when other see you buckle up they will follow suit.


He added this on Twitter:


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury to front-seat passengers in cars by 45 percent, and light-truck passengers by 60 percent.  Also, if 2,814 more people would have buckled up, then 2,814 more people would likely be alive today.

Bottom line: Put the damn belt on already, then ask your passengers buckle up.  Now, the very much bachelor WIBCTraffic would never tell you how to raise your kids, but maybe it’s worth having a chat with your newly licensed teen about strapping in.  It may seem dated, especially with incoming lectures on texting and driving (a criminal act) or playing Clash of Clans while barreling down I65.  Still, you could save the life of the one you love the most - and spare hundreds of others from dealing with tragedy that can only be classified as senseless. 


I know what's up, but always appreciate your help and conversation.  Hit me up in the traffic center at (317) 684-8134, or on the Twitter @WIBCTRAFFIC.  


Much love, and safe travels.



Matthew Bair is an inspiring safe driver and the new voice of Indianapolis traffic.  Follow him on Twitter at @WIBCTraffic or his personal account @MattINTraffic.  They finally gave him a phone, so call in any tips at (317) 684-8134.  

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