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Kissing I-65 Goodbye

A 35-day shutdown looms for two crucial portions of I-65.

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You’re going to love this.

I-65 going to shut down in TWO places inside the Indianapolis metro area. This is another bridge rehab project, kind of like the one we dealt with last year at the I-65/I-465 interchange on the south side. Silver lining: Instead of taking a better part of a year, this should be complete in 35-days. Work is expected to start late spring.

The exact dates will be determined after the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) awards the construction contract in a month or two. There’s a meeting Monday night if you want to learn more.

I’ll warm you up with the closure in Pike Township, and then tell you about the I-65 shut down downtown while hiding under a desk.

This could be a long 35-days. Here we go:


If you live in the Boone and your morning commute sends you to downtown via southbound I-65 through the I-465 interchange (not I-865, just I-465), then you have a big fat reroute heading your way. I-65 will close between the I-65/I-465 interchange on the northwest side. Take a look:

I-65 Closure

(Photo credit: INDOT)


Sweet baby Jesus, someone call the law.

BOTH DIRECTIONS of I-65 -as in northbound and southbound lanes - will close from 21st St. to the Meridian St/Pennsylvania St. exit (113) during the same 35-day stretch that southbound I-65 in Pike Township shuts down. Why do both at the same time? According to Lamar Holliday - Media Relations Director at INDOT - the seven bridge rehabilitation project can be completed faster by working on the two stretches as one project instead of creating intermittent closures.

Here’s what we’re looking at downtown:

During the 35-day stretch, southbound I-65 commuters will be forced off at the 21st St. exit.

A series of ramps will also close.  Here they are:

RAMPS CLOSING (six total)

W. 21st Street

I-65 southbound on-ramp to 21st St.

I-65 northbound off-ramp to 21st St..

West Street

I-65 southbound and northbound off-ramps to West St.

West St. on-ramps to southbound and northbound I-65.


Illinois St/W. 12th St. on-ramp to northbound I-65.

I-65 southbound off-ramp to Meridian St/Pennsylvania St.


I-65 northbound on-ramp to 21st St.

I-65 northbound off-ramp to Meridian St/Pennsylvania St.

Delaware St/11th St. on-ramp to southbound I-65.


Got all that? Take a look:

I-65 into the north split

(Photo credit: INDOT)


For now, we’ll focus on the 21st to Meridian St/Pennsylvania St. exit section. As we get closer to the closure date - whenever that may be - we’ll get down to the nitty gritty as far as Pike Township and rerouting around the two closures together - like if you’re coming to downtown from Lebanon. I want ample time to study the maps and get your feedback at @WIBCTraffic:

To Downtown:

I-65 Detour 1

You'll be forced off southbound I-65 at W. 21st St. Take the ramp to 21st St., and head towards downtown via MLK, Capitol Ave, or even Meridian St.

To southbound I-65:

I-65 Detour 2.PNG

Take Capitol Ave. or Meridian St. to 10th St. Head east to Delaware, and head north to the southbound I-65 on-ramp. Easy, right?

More to come on this. We're also keeping an eye on Red Line construction and what's happening with the massive north split project. Until then, stay safe.


Matt Bair has a lethal case of "road foot" from sleepwalking outside in just his underwear. He's the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic. Tips? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the 93 WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397.

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