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Mount Comfort Road Becomes A Pit Of Despair

Weekend travel oddities and a brutal morning for travelers in Hancock County

The jungle like conditions in central Indiana this week prompted a flurry of cautions from health officials and local authorities, because a number of things related to the heat could kill you or be a serious detriment to your health - like heat exposure, sun exposure, dehydration, dehydration related break-ins, jungle spiders, DRC warlords, your mom called, and the White River in general.  

We’ll get to that, but first let’s check some of the traffic abnormalities plaguing us (forgot that one - the black plague) this weekend and in the near future.  Read on!     

Compared to the last few weekends, this one’s kind of tame.  No Indians game at Victory Field, no Indy 11 match at Michael A. Carroll Stadium.  The Brickyard 400 is happening in Speedway, complete with a shiny new format.

Here's the traffic (thanks to the Speedway Police Department for the assist):


  • Georgetown Rd from 25th St. to 16th St.
  • 16th St from Oiln Ave to the Crawfordsville Rd/Main St. roundabout.


  • No parking on Main St. on Friday and race day (Sunday) from 10th Street to 16th Street.


  • North Street is closed between Penn. and Meridian from 8am – 4pm for Love Thy Neighbor.
  • The south half of Monument Circle will be closed 10 am – 5 pm for Meet a Carriage Horse Day.


To all of the weary travelers that are cutting their vacations short to enjoy this magical weather pattern, know that the ramp from Indianapolis International Airport to WB 70 is closed from Friday night at 9:00pm until Monday at 6:00am.  After arrival, you’ll be dumped off onto eastbound 70 which takes you to southbound 465. Head south and exit onto Kentucky Ave/SR 67, spin around and grab northbound 465 to westbound 70. You’ll be back in Terre Haute in no time, and lucky you.  Welcome home!


**Note: At the time of publication, the road work on Pendleton Pike was scheduled to begin on Monday, July 24th. However, INDOT has just informed WIBC Traffic that construction has been postponed until August 7th. Hey, the more you know!

Starting Monday, one lane of Pendleton Pike will close IN BOTH DIRECTIONS between Oaklandon and Carroll Roads (a stretch that’s a little over a mile) to build a concrete culvert.  Excited?  No? I’m not either, and I don’t have to drive it.



What a trip Thursday morning was near Greenfield.  A semi carrying ravioli and peppers caught fire and closed eastbound 70 near State Rd. 9 early in the commute.  As soon as crews opened a lane, a semi - and I kid you not - rear ended another semi, and just west of the original semi fire.  Eastbound 70 closed again near Mount Comfort road, which more-less boxed everyone in between Mount Comfort and SR 9 for THREE TO FIVE HOURS.  It really sucked, and here's a brief recap. Many thanks to Julie Pursley at RTV6 for getting out there and helping the WIBC Traffic Center tell the tale. Jewels is an awesome reporter:

Here’s the good: no one was hurt, and none of this happened later in the day when the heat index peaked over 100.  Lesson? Take a cooler with you (not that kind) if you’re on a commute and the weather is expected to be harsh.  Pack water and a lunchable.  Hot weather, cold weather - doesn’t matter. Crews couldn’t even get a wrecker into the area where the drivers were trapped.  Would an ambulance had done any better?

That’s that. Enjoy your weekend.  Drink water and eat a pork chop. Or leftover spaghetti. Leave your stamp on life. Write a medical journal.


Matthew Bair is hot, but not that sweaty.  He's the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic , or call him up with traffic tips - or just a chat - in the traffic center: (317) 684-8134.

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