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Some Of Westbound I-465 Reopened, Shelby St. Reopened

Two major construction projects are finishing early, much to the delight of Indy commuters

Indy, our commuter cups runneth over.

As of Thursday night at 8pm, a portion of Westbound I-465 reopened on the southwest side. Shelby St. also reopened early Friday morning on the south side following a six-month construction project.

Let’s get to it.


Westbound I-465 has reopened from Harding St/S.R. 37 to I-70 on the southwest side, including the on and off ramps of Mann Rd. and Kentucky Ave/S.R. 37. The westbound lanes are still closed from I-65 to S.R. 37/Harding St, and are expected to reopen on or before Monday morning at 6am. This includes the on and off ramps.

The closure is part of a bridge rehab project that also shut down the eastbound lanes for nearly ten days in late September.


This is a nice surprise for our friends on the south side. Shelby St. reopened from Troy Ave. to Southern Ave Friday morning, according to Citizens Energy. It looks like they’ve wrapped up the DigIndy project and Red Line construction, therefore reopening the street.


(Photo Credit: Citizens Energy)

The project started in April, and the closure is ending a month early. I’m sure residents and commuters alike are glad to see the cones and barrels come up.

Check back here for updates on the latest headache inducing construction projects that may (or may not) be wrapping up. I’ll keep you posted.

Be safe out there.


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