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Traffic Quickie: Name A Road After Paul George?

@WIBCTraffic floated a suggestion that wasn't received well
Paul George has made it clear to the Pacers' franchise and fans alike - thanks, but no thanks.  George's people leaked a report last weekend that he plans to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers when his contract expires at the end of this season - which is well within his rights - but so poorly timed and executed that the Pacers will be lucky to secure anything close to his value in a trade.


Is George the proverbial selfish professional athlete?  Well gee, who knows, he has tallied up a laundry list of transgressions over the course of last season - to put it mildly.  Take a look:



But there's always the "carry the team on your back factor," which PG certainly did, and he did generate quite the following of Hoosiers during his time in the Circle City.

Should we take it easy on PG, and maybe say a little "thank you" anyways? Perhaps name a small stretch of road after him? @WIBCTraffic put the question to the best drivers in the world. The reaction was not mixed:

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