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Traffic: There Are Collectors That Have Nothing To Do With Student Loans

@WIBCTraffic clears up the location and purpose of the mythical collector roads, and reveals big plans for the Indy Ultimate

Hi there!

While listening to WIBC traffic reports you’ll hear reference to northbound or southbound collector roads.  In the three months I’ve been on the job, we've recieved thousands (maybe a handful) of tweets and phone calls wondering what and where the collectors are.  Cool. Okay!


For the purpose of this entry, we’ll talk about the collectors on the eastside of downtown - the roads that connect I65 and I70 from the north and south splits.

Note: The splits are where I65 and I70 “split away” from each other.  


These collector roads help drivers go from the interstates to the city streets, and vice versa.  Take a look at the fancy map below for location and exit information



As you can imagine, if there’s a crash near or in either split, the collectors can get backed up in a hurry:


By the way, it’s been suggested to @WIBCTraffic that we find another name for “collector.” Any ideas? Tweet me up!


I’m crazy excited for the Indy Ultimate Saturday. I severely regret not competing last year, so Saturday is extra special for me. That's the day I’ll start a brand new training program for next year's Indy Ultimate. Strengthening mind, muscle, and hoping for a bigger booty. Should have gotten stretched at Monumental Yoga. Rats.


I broke my leg in the second grade when I fell off my brother's bike. I wasn't supposed to ride it, but it wasn't my fault the seat was too high. He should have been punished. I wailed, and lied about having a compound fracture because I really, really wailed. I'm sorry for the lie, and eating too much pizza at the bowling alley.  It was free. Ate the whole thing. If I do Indy Ultimate, please carry me..:


Courtesy of 

List of Indy Ultimate Course Fun Stuff: 

  • Kick a soccer goal at Michael A. Carroll Stadium, home of the Indy Eleven
  • Run the bases at Victory Field where participants will see themselves running on the brand new video board
  • Kick a field goal at Lucas Oil Stadium and get to run on the field through the inflatable horse tunnel with participant names announced over the PA – just like the Colts do on game day      
  • Take a lap around Monument Circle on The HandleBar where our friends at Emmis will have a photo station on-site and provide music from B1070-The Fan
  • Face an obstacle course at American Legion Mall with men and women from the Indiana National Guard “cheering” everyone on
  • Final stop is at the Indiana State Museum where participants will run up the main staircase, participate in an interactive mural and take pictures with Abraham Lincoln, Raggedy Ann, Johnny Appleseed, among others
  • Cross the finish line at Military Park and receive a finishers medal
  • Get a free Dos Equis beer at the post-race party and jam to the tunes of DJ Lockstar, among many other great activities to celebrate conquering Indy

There are streets closed, and the map below will show you the entire route.  In short, downtown is going to be congested this Saturday from 5am - 5pm. 


  • Blackford Street between New York and Wabash streets
  • North Street between Pennsylvania and Meridian streets
  • East half of Monument Circle
  • South lane of Georgia Street between Pennsylvania and Meridian streets 


(Photo Credit: Indiana Sports Corp)

That's good enough, for now.  Watch the twitter and listen to the radio station for the accuarate and immediate stuff. Until then, I'm eating protein by the barrel.  I'll run fast, and kick the football.  You'll never take me alive.  Something like that. -Bair

Matthew Bair is not a player - but he is a driver.  He's the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and you can follow him on Twitter @WIBCTraffic.  Call and chat or leave him a message at the traffic center: (317) 684-8134.

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