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TRAFFIC: The Thunder Rolls On

An iconic country music star is undeterred by terroism, and Peyton Manning is honored at the stadium he built

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My friend Matt Russell and I had already bought our tickets to The Dark Knight Rises long before James Holmes carved up a movie theater outside of Denver. We’d waited for this - the conclusion of a masterpiece trilogy - and about Batman, surprisingly - by director Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk, Inception) who could teach a master's class on developing nefarious and bone-chilling characters.

Heath Ledger’s recreation of the Joker in the second film was so unnerving, so evil, that he won an Academy Award, posthumously. His character was a terrorist, and one that laid the base for the villain in the third and final film of the trilogy - also a terrorist.

None of this was lost on us during the short trip down Indy's majestic Canal Walk - to the back entrance of the Indiana State Theater IMAX.  It was just 24-hours after Aurora - 24-hours after the Dark Knight Rises opened in earnest across the nation.  We were still excited, but aware.

Very, very aware.

The atmosphere at the theater was surprisingly warm, and the collection of movie goers refused any discussion of what happened in Aurora.  It felt amazing, and any and all fears quickly melted away. We were all talking about the movie: Does Batman live? Is Tom Hardy still dreamy with the mask on?  Was Anne Hathaway's rubber suit comfortable?

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(The movie ended for me when Catwoman mounted the bat bike.  There’s no better ending. Can’t be)

Some country music fans might be apprehensive about attending one of four Garth Brooks' shows in downtown Indianapolis this weekend. I get it.  We're shortly removed from the mass killings of dozens during the closing set of country music superstar Jason Aldean in Las Vegas.  Another night that changed everything, and another night that's become all too familiar.    

But the apprehension will evaporate, and it's possible the entertainment will be a vehicle for healing - for both fan and performer. 

Have fun in Indy. Now here's your traffic:

***Thursday night traffic in and around downtown wasn’t horrible.  There were backups on the Circle, not to mention Pennsylvania St., Delaware St., Washington St., and the inbound interstates.  Saturday could be carpocolypse with the Garth Brooks matinee and the big Peyton Manning statue reveal.  Could be complete chaos.  Leave early and take your time.  


Good news, Carmel.  Your concrete slab is getting replaced.  

This Monday, the right lane of northbound U.S. 31 approaching 136th St. will close for a week.  On October 16th, they'll do the same thing in the left lane.  Two lanes of U.S. 31 North will remain open and shifted away from the work zone. 

No roundabouts will be installed.  Don't shoot the messenger.


For the third consecutive weekend, the ramp from westbound I-70 to southbound I-65 will close on Friday night from around 9:00pm through Sunday morning.  Don't sweat it - no reroutes are necessary. You’ll be pushed over to the collector, or in my terms - Local 65/70 - and be able to make your way down and around downtown.

By the way, the left lane of the collector is also closed.  Just stay right.



The intersection of U.S. 40 and S.R. 9 is closed in Greenfield for the Riley Festival.  Closures last until Sunday at 7:00pm.  Take a look at the fancy map for specifics:



Street closures Saturday around the Indiana World War Museum and the American Legion Mall are necessary to pull of another great parade.  Check out the map for when and where:

INDY 11 VS NY COSMOS - Kickoff 7:30pm

***Expect delays around Michael A. Carroll Stadium at IUPUI. Michigan St., New York St., West St. on the west side of downtown could all be affected.


Distracting from what could be a disaster of a football game Sunday is the revealing of Peyton Manning’s very own statue.  Hey, let’s do it! He built a hospital, a stadium, invigorated high school football, helped drive commerce into downtown – and then some.  Roving reporter Kevin Ratermann of WISH-TV snapped this pic of the statue.. pre-reveal.  Let your imagination run wild!

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the WIBC Traffic Center actually has an insider in Colts organization. He snapped a quick pic of the statue, and I’m happy to share it.  Behold, the new center piece of Lucas Oil Stadium!

***Vice President Pence will be in town, meaning secret service, motorcades, an intimate pat down, and other precautions that could slow you down on your way to the game. Also, South St. from Capitol Ave. to West St will closed Sunday from 4am – 6pm. Expect downtown to be a zoo, but the good kind of zoo – like with monkeys. 

Ready to get your IKEA on?  READY FOR TRAFFIC FISHERS?!?!?! Better be, cause it's coming. Like a raging bull. That's hungry. Hungry For Swedish meatballs. And a mattress pad.


Matthew Bair slept inside the Fishers IKEA all week long, but was surpised to find no cars inside the store.  He's the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic. Tips? As in ribs? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397.

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