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Traffic Trouble For Colts Fans

Are you using southbound I-465 on the east side Sunday? Plan accordingly or you might be late to the game!

Hey Colts fans! Heading to Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday the game? Heads up! We could have a serious slowdown on the east side that might trouble fans coming from I-69 and other parts of the northeast - like from Fishers, Muncie, Fort Wayne, etc.

Southbound I-465 near the 56th St. interchange will be reduced to one lane beginning Friday (10/19) at 9pm through Sunday (10/21) at 9pm so crews can fix the pavement. Essentially, the right three lanes will be closed, the left lane remain open, and the entrance and exit ramps will stay open as well.

weekend work

So if you’re zipping down southbound I-69 and plan on using southbound I-465, you’ll likely hit a construction zone (weather permitting) with speed restrictions.

I'm not necessarily recommending taking Binford Blvd. into town - given the lack of working southbound bridges and red line constrctuion - but you may want to allow a few extra minutes en route to the stadium.

Enjoy the game! 

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