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TRAFFIC: Washington Did Not Have An Interactive Parking Map Before Crossing The Delaware

How we're all not speaking British Is beyond me..

If you’re heading downtown on Independence Day to get your America on at the IPL Freedom Fest, leave early, have a plan, and leave early. First and foremost, you’ll have a better selection of downtown Indy’s climate controlled and aesthetically pleasing parking garages (hint: they’re cold and damp).

A fancy map is provided in hopes of maximizing the fun time you have on the fourth.  Some I was able to get a hold of some, and some not-so-much.  Remember what Confuscious said: Fireworks best if plan ahead, call ahead, then be ahead:

As commuters to and around the Circle City already know, there’s enough road construction on the interstates to make your head spin.


(Thanks to INDOT for the assist on this one).

Southside bridge construction at the I-465/I-65 ramp system continues until Novemberish:


(Photo credit / INDOT) 


In other words:

  • The I-65 south ramp to I-465 east is closed. Continue southbound on I65 and turn around at Southport Road, then head eastbound on I465 from I-65 north.
  • The I-465 east ramp to I-65 north is closed.  Again, turn around on Southport Road to head north on I-65.      

More for central Indiana:

  • I-70 lanes are shifted for construction at four bridge projects between State Road 9 near Greenfield and the Ohio state line at miles 104, 112, 137 and 154.
  • I-69 lanes are shifted for construction between State Road 37 (Exit 205) in Fishers and State Road 38 (Exit 219) near Pendleton.
  • I-65 lanes near Lafayette are shifted for widening construction between State Road 26 (Exit 172) and State Road 38 (Exit 168).

By the way - Indy Hoosiers - the Marion County Sheriff’s Department would like you to avoid using 9-1-1 to bust your rowdy neighbors for having a roman candle party during off hours:



In other words, save the 9-1-1 calls for the important stuff, like curtailing our ever prolific homicide rate.  


Really, best to you and your family this Independence Day.  Make sure the firework is placed firmly on concrete - not in your hand - before flaming on.  When I was prepubescent, we’d have fireworks fights at the chat dump.  Had a M-80 go off near a spot that would have made puberty a mute point.  Learn from me, and stay away from chat dumps - there are more body parts coming out of those than the White River.


Happy fourth to all, and happy birthday America.  You rock some worlds.



Matthew Bair does not have a driveway for fireworks - but he is quite the firecracker.  The new voice of Indianapolis traffic can followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic , or call him up with traffic tips - or just a chat - in the traffic center: (317) 684-8134.

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