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TRAFFIC: Weekend Jambalaya: Capitol Ave. Bridge Update

We're building bridges and mountains. As in goat mountains

Hey there -

Weekend Jambalaya says it’s bedlam this weekend in the Circle City.  Let’s start with an update on the infamous Capitol Ave. bridge - courtesy of Indy’s Department of Public Works - and eventually close with a monster show Sunday night in downtown Indy.  

Here. We. Go:


I don't think it's done yet

This has been a tough one.  Southbound commuters on I65 were used to jumping out on 29th - until the bridge closed for repairs earlier this year.  

Excavation uncovered ancient Hoosier text that dates back to the 19th century
Warren Stokes of DPW was nice enough to shoot us an update on the bridge’s progress - as in what’s done and needs to be done.  Let’s look:



  • Completed installation of a waterproofing barrier that will prevent moisture from reaching the concrete arches.
  • Installed drainage in the valley of the arch structure.


  • Started backfilling the arches of the bridge, and will eventually pour a reinforced concrete bridge deck. Will place asphalt pavement approaches to the bridge deck.
  • We plan to repair the underside of the bridge's existing concrete arch structure by first removing any deteriorated concrete, and then replacing it with new concrete.

Construction should be done in late Fall 2017, which could mean (gulp) late November, early December.  But man, that’s a hell of a Christmas present. You get a brand new bridge!  Take that toy train!

**Next week, we’ll provide an update on the Central Ave. bridge over Fall Creek.  


 Here comes the solar eclipse, which could be a major traffic hazard in the days of phone cameras and such.  INDOT has put out a warning, and I’ll share a very small part of it here.

Do’s & Don'ts:

  • Don’t take pictures while driving.
  • Don’t wear eclipse glasses while driving.
  • Don’t stop along the interstate or park on the shoulder.
  • Do turn your headlights on during the eclipse event.

Seriously, if INDOT is throwing a flag on this, I’d pay attention. We’ll dig in on the solar eclipse next week.


The ramp from eastbound 70 to Ameriplex Pkwy. will close Friday night at 9pm and reopen Monday morning at 6am:

If you're heading east on I70, I'd hop off at Ronald Reagan Pkwy. and turn around there.  


Here’s the other fun stuff happening around Indy this weekend - and holy hell there’s a lot of it:


Klipsch: Brad Paisley: Weekend Warrior Tour

I asked my sister Biscuits about her experience at a Brad Paisley concert.  She said “he’s good,” and “it was probably ten years ago, in Florida.”  

There you have it.  Excited?  

Paisley is a huge Glen Campbell fan, so hopefully he’ll do a few bars from “Wichita Lineman.”  Anything would be just as good.  As you know, Campbell died this week - and I’m not going to pretend to be a connoisseur - but I did play several of his songs when I did radio in northern Indiana.  I liked Wichita Lineman.  That’s really all I remember - feels like ten years ago.   

**Show starts at 7:00, meaning I69 could seriously pickup late into the PM rush hour.  Watch out if you’re heading towards Campus Pkwy in either direction.   

Indiana State Fair (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

I write this while deep frying myself.  I want to become a scrumptious treat at the Indiana State Fair that sells for $4.99 with tax.  My first day at the fair is this Saturday, and I’ve been promised giant horses and a goat mountain.  Not a mountain goat, but a goat mountain:

(Photo Credit: Photoservice/Thinkstock)

Goats - they eat tall grass and make delicious milk.  After North Korea starts peppering us with China’s H-bombs they “bought” on the sly, the goats will rule the earth.  Watch out - they’ll become meat eaters when the grass is scorched.  Little goaty-goat mutants, happy to eat our radioactive carcusess.  Oh well, at least it’ll be cute.

**Fair traffic on the weekend is a zoo.  If you’re not doing the fair, stay away from any area related to the fairgrounds.  Intersection at 38th and Fall Creek is the epicenter.  Watch for aftershocks.  

Drum Corp International World Championship Semifinal

30,000 participants and fans will flood southwest downtown during this three day event.  Goes through Saturday until noon.  

***Watch out around the Indiana Convention Center, Lucas Oil Stadium, and Military Park - this thing has been making afternoon drive a traffic stew in downtown for a couple of days.

Indianapolis Indians

The triple-A Tribe host the Syracuse Chiefs, which means friday night fireworks at Victory Field.  I LOVE THIS TOWN.  First pitch at 7:15pm.

**Extra cars on the southwest side of downtown before and after the game, especially on West St. and Washington St.


Drum Corp International World Championship Final

Indianapolis Indians

The Indians host the Chiefs at Victory Field.  First pitch at 7:05pm


Colts Preseason Football

This is a great game to take your kids to.  It's a preseason game, and a chance to check out the future of Colts football:

Quarterback Scott Tolzien

I’m offering $200 and a WIBC Traffic shirt (in the works) to anyone who finds Andrew Luck’s throwing shoulder. If you're seriously looking, draw out a creative walking path to Lucas Oil Stadium - one that includes the White River.  It’s the best place to go fishing for body parts.  In fact, start there.

**Colts traffic downtown.  Fans know the go.  Have fun, be patient, be safe.

Bruno Mars

Show me an act that’s more popular than Bruno Mars.  He's in his prime, and wasn't about to leave Indy off the calander. It's such a testament to our city's growth and development, especially as a major player in entertainment.  U2 to Bruno to the best in country - we get ‘em all.  Show opens at 8:00pm at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

**Colts traffic will be cleared out by then.  Traffic will shift to the central-east part of downtown, and it’s gonna be heavy.

Foreigner with Cheap Trick

Nigel - of Hammer and Nigel - happens to the rock God of Indianapolis.  This is absolutely what you do when on the stage with Cheap Trick:



Awesome. Catch Hammer and Nigel weekdays from 4pm - 7pm on 93 WIBC. Foreigner and Cheap Trick are at Klipsch, show starts at 7:00pm

Indianapolis Indians

KIDS EAT FREE ON SUNDAY!! Still one of the great sports promotions in Indianapolis.  Granted, most of the great sports promotions in town are concocted by this Pittsburgh Pirates’ AAA affiliate.  The Indians love their fans.

That is it.  Damn, you guys make this job really fun. Thank you for hanging on the social and phoning in those traffic tips. Next week, we’ll hopefully hit the Central Ave. bridge and the solar eclipse.  Bad bridges suck, but not as hard as the end of the world.  



Matthew Bair once ate a pig, but it was already butchered and cooked.  He's the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic .  WAKE UP MA!
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