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TRAFFIC: Weekend Jambalaya: Central Ave. Bridge Update

The Central Ave. bridge has been closed all year. When will commuters get some relief?

(Photo Credit: 93 WIBC)

Hey there -

This week’s Jambalaya is stuffed with an update on the Central Ave. Bridge - along with other happenings around Indianapolis that are joyous and wonderful. In fact, you’ll read on and forget that Central Ave. Bridge won't open until next year (ahh, spoiler!). Please keep reading! I'm sorry!


This guy’s been down and out since January, leaving a mess for Fall Creek commuters heading into downtown. We started out one morning and suddenly went head first into Fall Creek. Ever catch a fish with your mouth? It tastes like fish.

When is it done? What’s the plan? Will it be safe?

Warren Stokes of Indy’s Department of Public Works (DPW) provided the WIBC Traffic Center with a thorough, awesome update on the bridge’s progress.  Pardon the pictures, I wasn’t wearing the proper safety gear - making construction crews apprehensive about letting me under the bridge:

(left this at home)

The plan will preserve the historical nature of the bridge while making changes to prevent an immediate closure - like the one in January - from happening again.  It’s also bike friendly, which I think is essential in such a beautiful neighborhood like Fall Creek Place. Seriously, beautiful neighborhood.

Here we go - from Warren:

  • The rehabilitation will consist of arch, foundation, and bridge floor replacement.


  • The sandstone in the space between arches (spandrel walls) will be removed during construction and reused to preserve the historic nature of the bridge.


  • The bridge structure will be concrete, with sandstone tied into the bridge, so it will not be impacted by salt, water penetration, or chemicals from the roadway like it was in the past.  


  • Due to the Central Avenue bridge being historically "select", the existing sandstone railing will be reused on the rehabilitated bridge. There will be a 3 steel pipe/tube rail placed between the sidewalk and the sandstone railing.


  • The bridge design includes a 9 foot 10-inch trail section on the west side of the bridge that will be used for bicycle and pedestrian use. Trail along bridge will be wide enough to accommodate two-way travel on bicycles.


  • In summary, we are going to update the structure of the bridge by making it more durable and safe, but also preserve the historic look of the bridge.


So far we have:

  • Finished removing the sandstone railing along the bridge.  


  • Removed the concrete under the sidewalk area,  sandstone blocks from the space below the top of arch.


At the moment:

  • We are removing the old asphalt roadway from the top of bridge.



***The bridge is scheduled to be done in 2018, which will be well over a full year since the bridge was closed.  Aggravated? I get it, but just wait until you see the final product:


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A stretch of State Road 32 - just east of Noblesville - will be closed starting Monday morning until Friday afternoon.  Thanks to INDOT for the handy map on the reroute:

***Tough go for commuters heading from Noblesville to Anderson and back.  At least it’s only a week.


Indians are at home and Greekfest is happening all weekend in Carmel, plus a couple of A-list shows at Klipsch.  


Klipsch: Zac Brown Band with Special Guest Darrell Scott

Again, I asked Mr. Biscuits - my sister, huge country music fan, and in-depth music critic - about a Zach Brown Concert experience.  Expect all of this at the show Friday night:

"Of course I have seen them. They are great!"

Such an effort.  Stay tuned for more intesnse coverage on the country music scene - just like this - on the WIBC Traffic Blog.

**Show starts at 7:00.  Given the amount of crashes we've had on I69 this week, I'd leave now.


This is a weekend long event in Carmel that starts Friday afternoon and ends Sunday afternoon.  It’s a celebration of “Hellenic culture” and “Orthodox Faith.” Damn, I’d love to go up.  I spent a few days in Athens and the Grecian Islands. Wonderful people.  I wasn’t a kid, but I also wasn’t arrested.  But Turkey… that’s a story for another time.

**Expect traffic around the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, as in 106th and Shelborne.

Indianapolis Indians VS Columbus Clippers

Friday night fireworks from this world class sports franchise.

**First pitch at 7:05. Traffic before and after will be tight around Victory Field.


Downtown Indy, Inc.’s Motorcycles on Meridian presented by ABATE of Indiana

These guys are great.  It’s nothing like Sturgis, but another cool way to bring in Summer, weekend traffic and throw a party of some sorts.

Motorcycles get primary parking, meaning the following streets will be closed from 3pm - midnight.

  • Meridian Street between South and Ohio streets
  • Monument Circle and all spokes
  • Jackson Place between McCrea and Meridian streets
  • The south lane of Georgia Street between McCrea and Scioto streets
  • Chesapeake Street between Meridian and Pennsylvania streets

Come down and meet some new people. This is going to be a good one.

Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers

I can't wait for the postgame presser from the reincarnate of Tom Coughlin - or Chuck Pagano - after the Steelers top flight offense hangs a full game of yards on the Colts in a quarter and-a-half.  That's without Pittsburgh's starters.

**Kickoff at 7:30pm, Colts bar traffic will be cleared out by 8:30pm.  Uber.

Klipsch: Jeff and Larry’s Backyard BBQ

These guys have made a gazillion dollars off of “you might be a redneck” and “get ‘er done”.  Good for them.

**Show starts at 6:00.

Indianapolis Indians VS Columbus Clippers

***First pitch at 7:15pm

Indy 11: Home against the Jacksonville Armada.

Please start playing well.  You were so close to an outright championship last year.

**Traffic could get thick around IUPUI , especially New York St. Kickoff at 7:30pm


Indianapolis Indians VS Columbus Clippers

***First pitch at 1:35pm

Guys, I really think we have a good thing going on our traffic twitter.  It's an effort that involves everyone - from our incredible newsroom to outstanding tipsters.

Thursday was a bad day on I-69, but we were on it:


We need more help - especially on city crashes, anything that's happening on U.S 31 north side, and everything that's important to you.  It's very much a team effort, and I'm damn proud of what we're doing.

Thank you.


Matthew Bair is a grown adult male, but identifies as an inner city bridge.  He's the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic. Tips? Love 'em. Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397. Who wants goat's milk?

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