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TRAFFIC: Weekend Jambalaya: Gen Con Dangles Its Dice Over Downtown Indianapolis

Four days of great gaming, and a spectacular celestial event will haunt Indy drivers.

(Photo Credit: WIBC)

Deer was not killed at 54th and Keystone. That would be weird.

Hey there -

Let’s get right to the Jambalaya.  This city doesn’t slow in the Summer.  


Thursday was Gen Con Carpocolypse.  Downtown streets were clogged, and the decay even reached up to the city with golden streets with chocolate roundabouts.  Thanks to Ben Davidson, CFA for sharing this:

Calamities started as early as Wednesday night, as documented by one of WIBC’s tenacious spotters, Dave Cummings:


Ashley Fowler - who works in our exceptionally talented newsroom - was not happy with traffic logistics on Capitol Ave - a southbound commuter route.  This was a much more subdued response than what I heard in the newsroom.  

This is Ashley with the missing link. You should follow her:

Through all this, let's try and remember that Gen Con is absolutely wonderful for Indianapolis - and four days of inconvenience doesn’t measure up to the huge financial impact Indy's largest convention has on the metro area.  The city - especially small business - will make some serious dollars on this convention.  


Chris Gaul - Senior Vice President with Visit Indy says the revenue is real, and also alleviated concerns that Gen Con has reached the ceiling in the Circle City - given its sold out status in 2017.

Gen Con remains the city's largest convention, generating more than $71 million in economic impact.

We have been planning for Gen Con 50 for more  than a year, as we are expecting record-breaking crowds, with visitors from all 50 states and more than 60 counties racing into Indy.

This is the second year Gen Con will utilize not only the entire convention center, but also the attached Lucas Oil Stadium. This expansion footprint has always been part of our long term strategic growth plan to keep them in Indy and keep them growing.

There is no need for Gen Con to ever leave (*cough RFRA), and having it here is a testament to the growth of our wonderful, ever expanding city.  We’re kicking ass.  Eat it, Cincinnati.

Road cloures:

(Photo Credit: Alanna Martella - RTV6)

(I made this fancy map)


According to Indiana University, the eclipse will be viewable Monday in Indianapolis from 12:57 to 3:48 pm, with the peak viewing time at 2:25 pm.  

For the love of God, please don’t drive on an interstate that’s related to “EB 465” during peak eclipse hours. People will be pulling over, covering their eyes with a tissue, and then going blind. This is going to the worst traffic day in the history of Indianapolis, or a real mark on how we conduct ourselves as responsible human beings.  Toss up!! Big bets at Gen Con!!

If you’re checking out the solar eclipse, look for the ISO seal:

This is the whole thing:

If this is a mark of the end of the world, my survival kit is deodorant, lentil soup, solar glasses, cloves of garlic, and a fifth of Wild Turkey.  Just try and take me alive.

If you’re caught on the roads, INDOT offers this:

  • Do’s & Don'ts:
  • Don’t take pictures while driving.
  • Don’t wear eclipse glasses while driving.
  • Don’t stop along the interstate or park on the shoulder.
  • Do turn your headlights on during the eclipse event.

Make plans now for overnight accommodations—overnight camping is prohibited at rest areas.

If planning to view the eclipse, wear safety glasses. They are available on-line or from many popular retailers costing from $2 to $70; some are being given away by organizations.  DO NOT look at the partial eclipse without proper filtration.

Approximately 200 million people live within a day’s drive of the total eclipse path. Many will be on the road to get a closer view.

***I’ll have a shady eye on the eclipse all day.  Follow @WIBCTraffic from 5:00am until rush hour ends.  We have a horde trying to keep you safe.


Indy Fringe is right in the bowels of my neighborhood, and it’s really the ultimate theatrical festival of the midwest.  All shows are original, some very local, and all are of quality.

**Alley 625 N from Massachusetts Ave to Park Ave is closed for the duration of the fest. Expect additional traffic in Indy’s hottest cultural district.  And it’s Handle Bar Indy season.. Pft!!


Many of a good stuff, as in entertainment and variety:


Klipsch: Hank Williams and Lynyrd Skynyrd 

That ain’t no Hank Williams Song:

**Show starts at 7:00, which means traffic could get greedy up and around Campus Pkwy.  I’d pack a big bottle of water - you might get stuck in traffic and need a bath.

Indiana State Fair: Kiefer Sutherland

If he’s not going to reenact the final death scene from Flatliners, don’t bother showing up.

Show starts at 7:30. It's the last weekend for the fair, so get your deep fried batter before it's gone. Kind of sad - what a special family event


Klipsch: Kings of Leon

Boot up “Someone Like You” and I’ll mark out every time.  It’s like the Nickleback thing - and how they became the punchline of the alt-rock world.  There are songs from Kings of Leon that make me run through brick walls, but they're just not the cool thing to do. But who really cares - music is meant to be personal.

**Show starts at 7:30.  Usual concert traffic around Campus Pkwy, Klipsch.

The Lawn at White River State Park

Logic with Joey Badass 

**Show starts at 7:30. Westside of downtown will be a bit extra, but the Indians are away. Still, watch for Gen Con traffic.

Indianapolis Indians

Away all weekend at the Syracuse Chiefs.

Indy 11

On the road against NY Cosmos, MCU Park, New York New York

Indianapolis Colts

Away, at Dallas. Kickoff at 7:00pm

I’d bench Andrew Luck until his starting center is 100-percent ready to play.  We need to stop ruining this generational quarterback.  Be competitive this season - look to win the division next season. Don’t be stupid.


Gen Con rolls out of town at five, and it's the last day of the state fair.  Take a deep breath. Maybe take a stroll on the canal.  It's  a great place to be.

Guys, I’m really excited about this traffic network we’re building.  Thanks to Vince Wylde Show, Satch, Adam Jones, and everyone else that’s tweeted or called-in.  I apologize for not getting to everyone. Many tons of shoutouts to the WIBC News Room and RTV6, which has a helicopter (not jealous at all).

Much love. Let’s drive safe so we can talk again soon.


Matthew Bair lives in a dungeon, but is no dragon.  He's the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic .  MA GET THE CHICKEN!

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