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TRAFFIC: Whatever Floats Your Car-Boat

Flooding, more flooding, and drivers stalling their cars on flooded streets

According to this very hilarious video, it's time we all seriously consider #TurnAroundDontDrown:

A quick recap: the driver of black SUV sees a flood, a fire truck, the police, and a stranded four-door sedan that’s floating aimlessly, because afterall, it’s not a boat - it’s a car.  Even with eyes connected to the brain, the driver thought his vehicle was a swamp boat at birth and decided to give it a rip.  And in the name of the good people of Franklin who are currently turning their basements into aquariums, I hope for success. Let's not wish ill on people even in the wake of a dumb decision.

Julie Pursley of RTV6 took these incredible pics of eastbound 465 to Keystone.  This looks more like bad luck instead of bad decisions:

Thought State Road 37 south of Indy couldn’t get worse?  Just add water:

I don’t like lecturing when it comes to traffic - I was the most irresponsible driver in my 20’s - but there’s some serious authenticity to #TurnAroundDontDrown.  

Here’s Captain Michael Pruitt, Wayne Township Fire Department PIO, who offered this on drivers stalling out on flooded roads.

Very few people truly understand the power of moving water. Those that do have either had a bad experience in flood waters or in the business of rescuing those who get caught up in moving flood waters. The phrase "Turn Around Don't Drown" is a great statement but my concern is people are starting get passive about it because we use it so much. On the flip side we hope that a majority of people are heading out warnings

#TurnAroundDontDrown?  Try it out once.  Everyone likes you better alive.


Here's more documentation of this week’s floods.  They aren’t exactly traffic related, but pretty incredible to look at:

Lauren Casey was spot on with her coverage of Franklin and surrounding areas. This video is just a sample:


Haley Bull taped a stalled out car on 82nd St.  Sorry about the car, but the sunset is nice - it looks like Miami:


My memory could be short, but no Indiana city gets screwed over more by the weather than Kokomo.  RTV6 rook Meredith Barack showed how bad this surging city got hit:


Tree in house in Carmel, not to confused with a “tree house.”


Whitestown - like all of Johnson County - had serious flooding.


The ramp from EB 70 to Indianapolis International Airport is will close Friday night at 9pm and reopend Monday morning around 6am.  To make your flight, you’ll have to pass the airport, exit onto SB 465, and turn around on SR 67/Kentucky.  The WB 70 ramps are open. Leave early, and you’ll be in Boise in no time.


(Photo Credit: INDOT)


This weekend is Summer Celebration, and WIBC News Director Chris Davis has put together a quick write up on the street closures that start Friday evening for the Johnny Gill concert. Downtown traffic is going to be a mess - like with any major event.  Plan accordingly.

We’re done for now, except there's been a lot of rain and I love to mow. I’ll come mow your lawn for $7.50 and a push pop.  Think about how high that grass is.  You need a professional.  My first job in radio was mowing a ditch, except there weren’t any machines with gas motors. I had thick gloves made of lamb skin.  The ditch didn’t look nice when I was done, but the runoff flowed freely into the street.  Kick open a hydrant, and you’d have a water park.  Walt Disney got all of his ideas from me.  Where’s my lawyer? Interested, Abdul? Nevermind, he's a white supremicist.

*Abdul may be the best thing to happen to mankind.  Don't tell him I said that..


Stay dry.  Don’t water your lawn.



Matthew Bair's apartment is flooded - even though he lives on the fouth floor.  Matt is the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic , or call him up with traffic tips - or just a chat - in the traffic center: (317) 684-8134.

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