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Traffic: Where The Streets Have No Name

Cars crush each other near Klipsch, and U2 returns to the Circle City

(Photo credit: lice)

This city is more than May. The best music wants to be heard here, the biggest bands come to play here (more on that in a second), and Indy - along with the outliers - has the facility and entertainment to make it a world class experience.

Welcome to concert season! @WIBCTraffic would like to point out a little issue we’re having on the way to Deer Creek, or Live Nation, or Klipsch Music Center, or Dollar Shave Club at Deer, or Trump’s Wall of Sound. I saw Rusted Root there, and the music was perfectly jungle. Awesome. Don’t remember much after. Saw things. What do we call this place? Did you ever see Running Man? Arnold just blew up Fireball. I love movies.

Anyway, there are issues going to and around the concert hall - morning and night - and they have nothing to do with losing a grass pipe to security in the pavilion during a Dave Matthews concert a thousand years ago. Just in case, let's call a truce, Hamilton County,  but know your role:


Yeah, that's no good. A perfect storm of traffic calamity hit the Noblesville-Fishers area, turning I69 into a demolition derby. BUT, better days ahead. Take a look at this guy:

The I69 Campus Parkway double-diamond interchange is developing nicley, and it’ll be worthwhile when it’s done. As of THIS VERY MOMENT there are new improvements, including traffic lights instead of yield signs. PHASE FIVE (coming soon) puts an extra eastbound lane on Campus Pkwy.

Also, the SB I69 construction zone at 116th/SR 37 should be done by mid-July, and the rest is gravy after that. Which is all good, because we have some major shows coming up:

June 23rd, Nickleback: Feed the Machine Tour

"Hahahahah let’s make fun of Nickleback haha my friends are doing it and we’re so funny and cool."

You and your friends are right. You are cool for making fun of Nickleback.

June 24th, Florida Georgia Line: Smooth Tour

I don’t know what this is. My sister likes them, which means they probably suck.

June 25th, Def Leppard, Poison, and Tesla

Prediction: No one will slip and fall into a pool of their own vomit. I’m also predicting that Paul George will play for the Pacers next season.

July 1st, Lady Antebellum: You Look Good Tour 2017

When I was a teenager, I’d put the family cat in my pants and start jumping around.  It was declawed, or I'd be gender fluid by force. It’s hitting me especially hard today. Feeling bad (sad face emoji).

July 2nd, Hyper Space Tour: Boston with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

I’d pay good money to have Joan Jett brake an empty bottle of Wild Turkey over my head.


Back to the roads, here’s what else is happening on the streets and interstates dearest to you:

  • Pendleton Pike is about to suck harder becasue of culvert replacement.  Schedule incoming.
  • Ramp closures on SB 65 between MLK and West. Schedule incoming.
  • Ramp closures on 70 at the airport because of bridge stuff. Schedule incoming.

By the way, an iconic rock band will be performing one of the all-time great albums in Indianapolis in September.

I'd suggest dropping politics and buying a ticket, because they may not make it back.  Just enjoy, appreciate this world class city we've built together, and take your time getting to whatever show makes you the most happy.

That's it. Stop by and say "hi" sometime.  I'm always hanging out at an underpass somewhere.

Much love.


Matthew Bair has never wrecked on I69 and is the new voice of Indianapolis traffic. Follow him on Twitter at @WIBCTraffic or his personal account @MattINTraffic. Call and chat or leave him a message at the traffic center:  (317) 684-8134.   

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