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UPDATE: Meridian St. Closure Postponed Until Thursday

Weather pushes back Red Line Construction at the intersection of Meridian St. and 30th St. one day.

(Photo Credit: IndyGo,

Hey Meridian St. drivers, there's a schedule change in this week's construction and closure in the nothbound lanes. Due to the gobs  of rain we're scheduled to get Tuesday night, the closure will take place Thursday morning - not Wednesday morning as originally planned. The closure will allow for delivery and installation of canopies to the Red Line stations at 30th St. Here’s what’s up:

  • On Thursday, January 24th, the northbound lanes of Meridian St. at the intersection of 30th St. will close for four hours to deliver and install the canopies. Work will start and finish after rush hour - around 9 or 10am.

Take a look:


As for reroutes, the fan favorites will be available, like southbound one ways such as Capitol Ave, Pennsylvania St, and Alabama St. You can also shoot down West St, or College Ave. to finish off your commute to downtown.

If the work gets postponed again, we'll have it for you here!

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