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Weekend Traffic: Detestable, Deplorable, Sucky

Interstates and downtown streets are going to get incredibly busy this weekend.

(Photo Credit: INDOT)

Traffic this week was a monster, as in a wretched shape shifter that steals baby souls with cat breath while collecting dirty diapers thrown onto the roadway by disgusting, felonious human beings that should lose their licenses for consecutive lifetimes.

No really, someone littered a diaper out of a moving vehicle. It hit a cop car.

Lovely. As if disappearing interstates and rolling semis weren’t enough, we now have unconscionable perverts hurling biohazards out of the passenger side at speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour. Maybe said diaper bomber was so proud of baby boy that he felt compelled to share the magical crap package with decent driving society. He probably posted a filtered pic of the ticket on Facebook with a cutesy background. I guess back to school photos aren't hip anymore. 

Done venting. Off soap box.

Onto this weekend. The traffic patterns all week have been brutal, with I-465 closed on the southeast side and all. Traffic has been pushed all over. Uncle Steve has been stuck on eastbound I-70 since Tuesday, and my Tinder date canceled because she conceived a child, had it, then watched him graduate from online college all while trapped on northbound I-65. Having said that, being all Pollianna and saying traffic is heading into a golden era would make me a very bad man. A LIAR MAN!

Traffic is suck this weekend. It is suck biggly. So much going on, especially downtown.

Deploy your air bags, because here. we. go:


I-465 on the southeast side will stay closed through the weekend.

Ah yes, this guy again. There was a time when the southeastern stretch of eastbound/northbound I-465 was going to open Saturday night at 11:59pm. Then the typhoon hit, forcing contractors to spend another weekend polishing up the road and wrapping up the resurfacing and paving project. 

I-465 Closure

Consequently, I-465 on the southeast side - from I-65 to I-70 - will stay closed until Monday morning (8/26) at 6am. Miraculously, the forecast looks pretty clear, so next week’s commute should be a little more gentle. 

***Note: In the map above, do you see the yellow box with the text “I-465 CLOSED - Southbound/Westbound”? That’s still happening on September 6th, but we’ll save that for later. I have a migraine, and somebody stole my Yeti.

Hopefully, the loss of time stuck in traffic this construction season will save you big dollars on repairs this winter. So far, reviews of the work completed have been mostly solid (I-65, I-70, etc), and it looks like I-465 is also turning into a respectable slice of interstate. 

@INDOTEast videoed some of the progress. Give it a look. It made me feel better, and hopefully you will too:


Lane restrictions on eastbound/westbound I-74 in Shelby Co. will begin this Saturday (8/24). Drivers should expect lane closures between C.R. 400 W. and S.R. 44 (see map below) until the middle of November. At least one lane will be open in each direction at all times, and work will be completed in one mile increments along that stretch.

Crews will be patching and repairing concrete slabs during construction.

I-74 Shelby Co.

(Photo Credit: INDOT)


Here comes another round of weekend maintenance on our beloved interstates. There are a couple of biggies here, so peak at the list and see if your route will be affected:

Lane Restrictions

  • Northbound I-65 from Southport Rd. to I-465 

          Left three lanes closed 

          Friday 9pm to Monday 6am

  • Southbound I-69 from 82nd St. to 75th St.

          Right two lanes closed 

          Friday 9pm to Saturday 6am

  • Northbound I-69 from 75th St. to 82nd St.

          Intermittent lane closures (2 lanes at a time) 

          Saturday 6am to Sunday 6pm

  • Westbound I-465 from White River Pkwy. to Keystone Ave.

          Left three lanes closed

          Friday 9pm to Monday 6am

  • Southbound I-465 from Pendleton Pike to I-70 interchange 

          Left three lanes closed 

          Friday 11pm to Monday 6am

  • Eastbound I-465 from I-865 to U.S. 31/Meridian St interchange 

          Right two lanes closed 

          Friday 8pm to Sunday 6am

  • Northbound/Southbound I-65 from I-465 to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. (Exit 117) (northwest side)

          Two lanes open in each direction

          Now through August 24th 

  • Eastbound/Westbound I-865 from I-465 to I-65

          One lane open in each direction

          Now through August 30th

Ramp Closures 

  • Allisonville Rd. to I-465 WB

          Friday 8pm to Monday 6am Monday

  • Pendleton Pike to Southbound I-465 

          Friday 11pm to Monday 6am

  • Michigan Rd. to Eastbound I-465

          Friday 8pm to Monday 6am 

  • Northbound I-65 to Westbound I-465

          Friday 9pm to Monday 6am

**Note from INDOT: you will not be able to travel from I-65 NB on the south side to I-465 this weekend. The eastbound ramp is already closed due to the full closure.


Motorcycles and the motivated close off parts of downtown


The Colts are throwing a 5k run Saturday to coincide with the preseason game against da Bears later that night. Several streets will be blocked off in the southwest quadrant of downtown from 5am - 10am, as indicated by the following map:


Colts 5K

(Photo Credit: Indianapolis Colts - Colts.com)

It's likely that Andrew Luck will not be participating in the run because of his injured calf muscle, or an extra bone in his foot, or an extra finger, or a Mayan curse. Not sure what's going on there.


Motorcycles on Meridian

(Photo Credit: Downtown Indy Inc. - Downtownindy.org)

I love this thing because it’s so cool. 80,000 people, including 30,000 easy riders, will flood downtown Indy this weekend for Motorcycles on Meridian. Bikes will rule the roads, and will have their own little exclusive spot to ride and park. This will cause Meridian St. to close from Vermont St. to South St. on Saturday from 4pm to midnight. Georgia St. will also be closed from Penn to Illinois during the same time.

Come down and join the party. There’s no cost to get in.


Addidng to the increased congestion is traffic from the Colts and Bears game, set to kickoff at Lucas Oil Stadium at 7pm. As with any Colts gameday, there will be a ton of people and extra busy streets downtown. Those venturing in should have a plan laid out before hand, and might consider using a ride sharing service to ease the stress of getting around. Hey, when considering the money saved by not parking your own car, it's almost like you're coming out ahead against the cost of Ubering. Sort of. I think.


The American Legion continues its national convention.


The American Legion hosts its 101st National Convention in downtown Indianapolis this weekend. It starts today (Friday) and finishes Thursday, August 29th. Drivers will need to be wary of the 10,000 participants navigating our streets and crosswalks - especially around the Indiana Convention Center - and downtown goers may run into a few unexpected street closures Sunday for the big parade. Streets will close near and around the American Legion Mall (see map below) at 1pm and reopen at 9pm. The parade steps off at 4pm:

American Legion Map

(Photo Credit: American Legion - Legion.org)

Raceday traffic rules apply this weekend: plan ahead, leave early, fully charge your devices, and be cool. You don't want to spend one of your last summer weekends up in your head living in crazy town. 

And a quick personal note on the construction: Most of us make it a priority to keep our work zones clean of reckless driving, texting, and the rest of the BS. Let's keep on keeping it right, since others seem aloof when it comes to the rules of the road. The outbound stretch of I-65 has been a junk yard this week. The lane configuration is confusing, sure, but I'm under the impression that if wonky lane configurations are too much for the driver to properly negotiate, then the driver needs to find another way around.

Finishing construction season strong will help these guys stay safe.

We do our jobs, they do theirs.

When we're driving, we just drive.

Right on.

Reggie Hammond

Take care. Please be safe.


Matt Bair is the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic.. Fans of Facebook can "like" WIBC Traffic for the latest traffic happenings and occasional frivolity. Tips? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the 93 WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397.

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