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Black Lives Matter; Peaceful Protest in Indy, & Answering Their Critics

A conversation with Nigel Long & Rev. Devanta Scruggs

What's that saying about walking a mile in their shoes?

So many have passed judgment without, I think, actually listening to the Black Lives Matter movement in Indy.  Two weekends ago, they held as peaceful as a protest and march can be.  A thousand people or more with no trouble at all.

Two days later, a man fired shots at the house of an IMPD officer.  The back of the man's t-shirt, according to police, said "Black Lives Matter," and he immediately was lumped into the movement by many people.  You may have been one of them.

Listen to Nigel Long and Rev. Devanta Scruggs, two of the men instrumental in everything related to Black Lives Matter in Indy.  Listen to the entire interview, please.  Better yet, meet the gentlemen and women of the movement, have a conversation with them, and then let me know what you think.



The two men who were among many instrumental in the peaceful march and rally last weekend in Indianapolis talk about the movement, what Black Lives Matter means and doesn't mean, the relationship with police in Indianapolis and how to move forward.

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